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    Oblivion Patch is out - Xbox 360 & PC

    thanks for the heads up. hopefully the unofficial patch will be out soon as well. :)
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    8800 temps

    thanks good to know. i was initially going for the Antec Super Cyclone, but after reading some of the comments, now i'm looking forward to the Rosswill. :D
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    8800 temps

    hey man how's that Rosewill working out for you?
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    Vista Ultimate Upgrade on Blank HDD - Confirming Success

    Great find OP! and you really dont have to install 'twice' every time. right after you install the 1st time, can't you just burn the windows folder to dvd? so next time you reinstall, just load the folder back to a blank drive, and do the upgrade from there..
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    Best fan controller

    ive been using the Vantec 205 for a couple days now. and quite frankly im a bit disappointed. mainly it's not getting my fans as quite as id hoped! with speedfan im able to slow my two antec blue led 120mm, and zalman 9700led to barely audible level (800rpm for the antecs, and 1200rpm for the...
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    [Warm] Seagate 400gb SATA 3g 129.99

    warm deal... the Egg had this for $99 shipped just last week.
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    100 DVD+R $5 Free shipping @ Compusa

    nice...grabbed 1 this morning before it went OOS... just curious, why do you prefer -R over +R?
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    Raptor X and 2x400GB

    thanks. think i'll do that. put main/games/swap on the X and everything else on the 400gb...
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    Newegg drive packaging, a welcome surprise

    it wouldnt surprise me if NE intentionally stocks less than perfect batches of OEM drives on the cheap. so if the drives happen to be DOA we'll naturally blame it on their crappy packaging instead... :D
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    Newegg drive packaging, a welcome surprise

    after reading your post, i placed two separate orders for the 2 drives I was getting hoping to minimize the damage since they're in two separate physical boxes.. well one of the drives still came DOA since it decided to settle itself onto the very bottom of the box with the bubblewrap padding...
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    Raptor X and 2x400GB

    guys im just about finished with my new build. just want some opinion on how i should set the thing up. Raptor X - OS/Games Seagate 400gb - Programs/Important Data Seagate 400gb - Page file/Backup/Storage or should i just put OS/Programs/Games/Page file all on the Raptor, and use the two...
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    E6600 OEM $269 No Rebates

    good deal but CA tax kills it for me.. even with in-store pickup comes to $292 (+gas money).. so i just ended up spending 10 bucks more and got the retail w/3yr warranty at directron..
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    400gb SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 - $99 shipped

    the ones we bought were sata, the other w/o the 'S' is ide...
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    thanks. just grabbed a 8800gtx for $534.73 + $44.12(CA tax) = $578.85. :) btw has this same card for about the same price right now AR/GCO. for those of you who are spared from paying tax when shopping at should probably check out that deal as well.. link