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    Financial Info Leaked in Newegg Data Breach

    Last order I made through them was on July 31st. Juuuuuust under the wire. :D
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    Can't Access Server 2012 R2 within linux?

    BTW I had the same issue in reverse a year or so ago. I couldn't access my FreeNAS server from my Windows systems after they got an update. The update had turned off SMB1.0/CIFS in favor of SMB2.0. Reenabling it on my Windows boxes got it working again. Here's how to put it back on your...
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    Can't Access Server 2012 R2 within linux?

    Check the server to see if SMB 1.0/CIFS is enabled. It's probably not turned on and most likely that's causing your issue.
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    Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset & Base Station Review @ [H]

    I have to agree with you on this one Kyle. I've had my A50 for over a year myself and I've had the power on issue happen twice (most recently last weekend). One other oddball issue I've had is that sometimes you can't hear anything even though the base and the headphones are on. In cases like...
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    GeForce Game Ready Driver 398.36 Released

    The link is for the notebook version of the driver BTW.
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    "A lot has been said recently about our GeForce Partner Program. The rumors, conjecture and mistruths go far beyond its intent. Rather than battling misinformation, we have decided to cancel the program." Once you learn to speak "Corporate" you realize that this doesn't mean what it seems...
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    PETA Criticizes Far Cry 5 for Fishing

    I'm eating steak tips as I'm reading this thread. :D
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    Rhode Island Also Wants to Tax Your Pr0n

    Just wanna point out the not-so-obvious joke. Around these parts (Southern New England/MA/RI), "Cranston" is slang for "taking a crap, dropping a deuce, etc.". One of the senators trying to push this through is from Cranston. Cranston is a you-know-what-hole too. Coincidence? :D Nothing...
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    Cut in Line - There's an App for Dunkin' Dat

    I can't figure out if DD corporate picked that location because it gets a lot of traffic, because it gets next to no traffic, or because it's the only one in Quincy that has a drive-thru. :/ I worked in Quincy for 15 years and IMO if they wanted to do a proper test they should have renovated...
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    Your Chromecast or Google Home Might Be Screwing Up Your Wi-Fi

    Not saying it's not an issue, but I personally haven't experienced anything like this at all.
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    Steam: how many hours?

    TF2: 1479 hours on record.
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    Raid array gone after creators update

    What does Windows disk management show for drives?
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    Internet Explorer Bug Leaks Whatever You Type in the Address Bar

    I'm really digging the C64 inspired color scheme and style in the video. :D
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    NVIDIA CEO: Moore’s Law Is Dead, GPUs Will Replace CPUs

    I may be wrong on this, but isn't the instruction set and backwards compatibility of i386/x64 what is holding it back?
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    KIA Dealer Remotely Disables Car over $200 Fee

    Anyone wanna take a guess that they did a shit job removing the device afterwards too? If it were me in that situation I'd have removed the effing thing myself and left it on their doorstep as a "present".