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    subnet management/utilization product

    Yes everything. This is mainly an effort to ensure user land stays just that.
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    subnet management/utilization product

    Looking for a product for subnet management/utilization -No looking for a large, hard to manage product -automated process, IE lightweight network/inventory scans -an excel spreadsheet is not the answer. Something that scans & keeps result on a web interface that multiple teams can...
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    ThreatStop (Threat Intelligence)

    Has anyone used their services? They have an interesting offering. Other companies offer single threat intel feed, IE McAfee and Alien Vault however I have yet to see another company that does both Threat Intelligence aggregation and blocking. So has anyone used them? What are some...
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    S4 Galaxy LCD replacement?

    Has anyone used an authorized Samsung repair center to replace a broken LCD screen on a Samsung Galaxy S4? Locally the Best Buy is the "authorized" Samsung repair center...price? Compusa/Tiger direct will replace the LCD for roughly 230 Not due for an upgrade, so the price point has...
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    Chromecast - Panasonic TH-42PZ80Q - Not Working

    Guess I should have mentioned that :rolleyes: -tried USB power from a laptop -tried the OEM charger + wall power -tried another micro usb charger + wall power all equals an unsatisfied Chromecast user:confused:
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    Chromecast - Panasonic TH-42PZ80Q - Not Working

    Got a Google chromecast device last night, can't for the life of me get the damn thing to work. Even broke down and called Google. file that under *look in the dictionary for waste of time* Device is fine, works on another TV. HDMI ports on said TV both work (tested with other multiple other...
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    1 U Server - dual Power - Enterprise Class question

    Is is possible to get a 1U server that meets these specs? 1. Hot swap-able , dual power supplies 2. HW Raid Controller 3. 4 Hr response time 4. 4 Nics 5. Hot swappable hard drives 6. Enterprise grade vendor 7. Sub 2000 dollars Dell and HP don't seem to meet these requirements.
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    Win 2k3 domain - listing OU permissions?

    Thats the PITA part I'm trying to avoid. I was hoping there was a VB script or some kind of WMI control or some other way with powershell to garner the same info.
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    Win 2k3 domain - listing OU permissions?

    Within a windows 2003 AD Domain, how can I list effective permissions for a domain group that has been granted right to an OU? Access was granted via native windows delegation. It would be listing out permissions / rights such as: List Contents Read All Properties Read Permissions...
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    K.I.S.S. T-Shirt (Dead Deal)

    no more T-Shirts
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    National Payroll Reporting Consortium trojan

    We've got a few of these gems in via email over the past few days, as noted below and described in the Websense link. What I cannot find is the network behavior associated with the Trojan. I'm getting alot of Google hits on " National Payroll Reporting Consortium" but thats about it...
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    I've got a few gmail invites

    Well since you asked.... I'd like an invite please :D Muchos Gracias!
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    OK I'm game, I'd appreciate an invite! email: Thank You!
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    SANS training course | laptop requirements?

    So has anyone attended a SANS training course lately? I'll be attending one at the end of the month, but I'm curious about the laptop requirements. Here they are: Here's the deal, should I run XP as a base and Linux in a vmware session or...
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    Web Monitoring Tools

    I've personally used Surf Control, WebSense and Web Inspector. They were all put through the paces in a large environment, any of the three would work. All are great products, they can handle reporting, logging, alerting, and real time traffic analysis. As with any big named product be...