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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    Yeah this is what I find terrible about this even if doesn't affect me. I know better, but Nvidia should show a little respect/consideration for all their consumers. I get the naming scheme is probably to get higher margin for lower cut die to inflate margins (ie. to keep stock prices from...
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    EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

    Damn wasn't expected that, but also not surprised. Evga was my go to for Nvidia cards new or used. What is everyone's preferred next option?
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    VESA announces updates to adaptive sync certification process

    Nice this alone should bring certified adaptive sync monitors close to or on par with G-Sync monitors:
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    5800X3D gaming review

    Interesting question, 5900x should be more abundant. 5800x3D should be rare enough to maybe warrant some kind of collector value. Hmm, never thought I'd view CPUs like game loot drops.
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    IBM and NVidia partner, and BAM!!!

    Hmm, Mvidia? Intel? Article says IBM and Nvidia :) BAM is correct though (y)
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    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

    Hmm, 1.8 Billion to build. Got to give Chris Roberts some credit, selling jpgs seems a lot more profitable. I wonder how hiring/performance reviews go for developers at CIG, like do they get bonuses for not meeting deadlines?
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    Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are still years from launch, CIG confirms

    Don't get why Vegas doesn't just make a life size starship and throw in hookers and blow to whales spending money on SC. Reading the backstory from ChadD on Chris Roberts, I'm waiting for The Wolf Of Street movie of this. It'd be hilarious if Chris Roberts first started the SC kickstarter...
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    Visiontek Mystery Box ( $5, $10, $20, $50 *Premium GPU?* )

    Lol, little less disappointed buying the $20 one then. Got the same crap, but even more useless stick of 8gb ddr3. Enough buying VT's e-waste for me.
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    Retailers Paywall Consoles, GPU's, Black Friday Deals Behind Expensive Annual Passes

    Yeah Capitalism sucks when it doesn't benefit us. Playing devil's advocate, a system that rewards it's most profitable customers doesn't seem like a bad business move. Also the people who find extended warranties worth it as well as use the installation services(ie. not us) will find the BB...
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    Epic Games is being countersued by Google

    Lol, this reminds of the scene in Billy Madison about Business Ethics. Now I imagine it with Tim Sweeney. I mean Epic should be totally fine with apps being hosted in Epic Game store for free as trial, but developer can use own payment system to unlock.
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    Weird 5800x Symptoms

    Yeah think the 12v pins are opposite for eps and pci-e on non psu side so thinking the successful athlon test and replacing the mobo most likely means cpu got fried. Maybe the psu ocp prevented fireworks, but killed the cpu/mobo. Seems like when you test cpu on different working system...
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    Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti leak reveals another high-end GPU no one can buy

    You know things are bad when leaks go out of stock.
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    It's official: RTX 3060Ti

    You heard it here first, scalper bots are run by ... Google Stadia! Dun dun duuun! You can stop now Google no one is buying Stadia.
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    GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Review Roundup

    Reviewers have 10x next gen videocards than forum members. Exaggeration (probably), but definitely feels like it. It might be easier to become a reviewer with enough following to get a next gen videocard than through retail.
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    [DEAD] Playstation 5 $499.99 available online only on 11/25 9PM EST | Xbox Series X/S at 9PM EST only on 11/25

    lmao that's probably why I was able to get all my consoles from BestBuy, checkout system so bad it defeats the bots.