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    3TB Seagate external usb 3.0 $99.99 FS

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    [CM Store] $40 OFF Select Mech. Keyboards

    In for QFR w/ Blacks, thanks!
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    Light, small gaming mouse

    I know you said you need side buttons but how badly do you need them :) If you've found your perfect mouse, minus say 2 buttons, would it be possible to map their function to a key on your keyboard? If it is indeed a deal breaker, someone mentioned the Kana which is probably a very good option...
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    Ducky 1087 vs 1087XM

    thanks guys
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    Ducky 1087 vs 1087XM

    Does anybody know the difference between these two models? Aside from two letters :)
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    Vote for my next mouse... serious!

    I was using the Xornet when I took the pic but changed back to the Logitech G3 recently. I don't think my power supply would support all of those at once lol.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    :P yeah that's the 2007 collectors edition. I had 3 original (in various working conditions) ball mouse versions but I misplaced those many years ago :(
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    Need A Mouse for Big Hands

    Well I can only assume you're a palm grip user/gamer with your fingers laying flat along the length of the buttons so this may not be what you're looking for..however I recently got a CMStorm Xornet (Spawn is the same shape) and while it's not what I would typically use (it's short a wide) it's...
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    Need A Mouse for Big Hands

    IMO Deathadders are pretty sturdy, though I have heard a couple of accounts of scroll wheel failure on the newer 3.5G (don't know about Black Edition though.) I would have to agree with the Ikari or Sidewinder, both are definitely in the large mouse category. Are you having issues with your...
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    I don't have a single favorite though I will always love the MS 3.0, Wheel mouse optical, MX300, and the Deathadder 3G. If I had to pick only one mouse to use ever it would most likely be the 3.0, as I don't use more than 400dpi normally, and I'd like to have fwd/back browsing buttons :)
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    @ekuest: no good reason other than "that's what i like." my dad saw that picture and said "you are nuts...but the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys." lots of money went into that over the last 9 years but i'm proud of it :) @Hatsuharu: I'll keep that in mind lol...
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    New Monoprice mechanical gaming keyboard!

    is there any ETA on this from anyone?
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics (thought it might be too big to post :P ) I don't have a fancy keyboard but I do normally use a Dell AT101W instead of that cheap MS one
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    CM storm Xornet mouse....

    It's between the yellowed WMO and the Logitech Dual Optical. I've had both ~10 years
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    MX518 Polling Rate overclock? It's fairly easy, takes a couple of reboots though. My one warning would be that if you use Logitech drivers, you may have some trouble. I had Setpoint 6.32 installed for my Logitech G3 but as soon as I...