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    DVD RW vs CD RW ?

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    Harddrives ATA100 or ATA133?

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    Home Theater DVD-Audio Question...

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    Under MY COMPUTER ...

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    Computer wont Restart....

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    How Do I boot into Safe Mode?

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    Seems as though Best Buy got Windows running on the Mac

    hahahaha. man that is pathetic( just like bestbuy always is)
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    Current 15.2" Powerbook - any advice before I buy?

    Money is a serious issue, How expensive do you think the new powerbooks will be? Should I not take a current generation for such a good price($1599)? This is the 15.2'' 1.67GHz,80gig,superdrive one. btw, my parents are helping pay for this with christmas.
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    Current 15.2" Powerbook - any advice before I buy?

    I really want this laptop. Any reason why I should not buy it? Im going to get it new for $1599 at my school, I want to switch compleltly from pc to apple. How many years can I expect? This will primarly be a school computer for a biochemistry student. As for pc gaming, Im ready to abandon(...
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    AOE3: unable to resume saved games!

    Either Im an idiot cant cant find the official unpause button, or this game is on crack. When ever I try to resume a saved game, the game starts "paused" and I cant find a way to unpause it. Normally, when I got to the menu during a game and it automatically pauses the game, and button pushed...
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    Pics of 360 campers

    yeah cant wait to see those game nerd faces!
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    can you guys post some quake 4 screenshots?

    have u played it? it looks fantastic in game.
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    How can I organize my music?

    haha thats a good idea