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    Best password manager for iOS?

    Bitwarden or Lastpass, by far.
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    Blizzard Employees Walk Out, Fans Rebel After Company Bows to China
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    PSA: AT&T Loyalty Discount - $450 off and $10/line discount YMMV

    Sure you do. Every time Ted Cruz opens his mouth.
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    PSA: AT&T Loyalty Discount - $450 off and $10/line discount YMMV

    In NJ, AT&T is unusable, and T-Mobile is on par or better than Verizon. Plus, I don't have to live in Texas, so...
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    PSA: AT&T Loyalty Discount - $450 off and $10/line discount YMMV

    Jesus H Christ. I'm at 6 lines of unlimited on T-Mobile and I pay $126 after taxes. Fuck that $300 bullshit.
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    Prepaid Plans - What Am I Missing?

    I worked for 3 of the carriers. I can assure you, it's true.
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    Prepaid Plans - What Am I Missing?

    Prepaid customers of postpaid companies are heavily deprioritized, especially on AT&T and Verizon. Verizon has to be the worst when it comes to deprioritization. Take Visible, for example. The service (along with customer service) is a load of hot garbage. But hey, it's cheap. Me? My...
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    Prepaid Plans - What Am I Missing?

    Why do people go with postpaid? Tower priority, for one. If you use a Verizon prepaid like Visible, Page Plus, etc, you're at the bottom of the totem pole for data speeds, connection quality, etc. This does NOT apply to Xfinity and Spectrum, which has equal priority to Verizon Post Paid...
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    iPhone 6s Plus, dead wifi and Bluetooth?

    If you're going to go S10/10+, go for the Note. I basically traded the S10 for the 10e (I prefer the flat screen) but I also just got the Note in. Really nice device.
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    Rise of Skywalker

    :meh: You might want to tuck your MAGA back in.
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    When will ATT 5G be relevant in San Bernardino, CA

    The Note 5G is an absolute disaster, avoid it like the plague. Here's a good summary - Yeah, the source sucks, but they're spot on. This is garbage.
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    How bad is Spectrum Wireless?

    Hoooooo boy. Well, you have your opinion.
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    Google SVP Suggests Carriers Are Stalling RCS Rollout In The U.S.

    Agreed. I have an iPhone and android as daily cell phones, and before I got my iPhone 7 (now the XS), I was an android die-hard since... Android 1.5? in October it will be 10 years. I just looked it up. I can give up Apple a LOT easier than Google, and I'm actively trying to ditch google...
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    How bad is Spectrum Wireless?

    It's actually quite good. I work for a rival cable company, and Spectrum is about a half hour east of my state. LOTS of old coworkers worked for them. We won't go into the fact that Spectrum is a scumfuck company that makes Comcast look good by comparison. That being said, let me give you a...
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    Advice needed - Asus AC-RT68U needs to be replaced?

    I am, since almost day 1. I also check for updates weekly (and updated to the lastest last night)