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    Crysis 2 DX11 Tessellation & High-Res Texture Pack @ [H]

    There used to be a time when HardOCP was about making serious reviews and they got in trouble because of that. Like in the case of the Phantom console. Nowadays it seems that it is mostly about being complacent with the biggest percent of readers and generating traffic. It seems the [H] it's...
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    Scary Supreme Court Quote of the Day

    Couldn't resist on posting an article that generates traffic. This post will be deleted in.... 10 9 8
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    Cysis 2 DX11 and Sandbox Update

    Look comment below you. That's [H] Graphics Cards Columnist. What are you doing here on the first place? Go back to Xbox live.
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    HP Notebook Takes Bullets Saving Soldier

    +1 But can it block this. - Hard Drive Death by .50 BMG - Uploaded by HardOCP@@AMEPARAM@@ :D
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    Crytek Gives Us Quote of the Day

    Well, now I'm certain why Ubisoft fired his ass for FarCry 2.
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    Codemasters Falls Victim To Hackers

    Lemme guess: the "ignorant" politicians the "knowledgable" hackers are working for the same team. It's like volleyball.
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    China's GPU Supercomputer Begins Paying Off Big Time

    Yes, it was confusing because you didn't stated the argument first. They are just probably talking about the CUDA section of the code as well. Let's not forget the rest of the program.
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    China's GPU Supercomputer Begins Paying Off Big Time

    Good thing to know you don't know CUDA or the simplest development precepts then. Code complexity is NOT measured by lines.
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    Nintendo E3 2011 Keynote

    This is a Belated April's Fool overleaborated joke: Here's the Not So Original: Wee U. From Steve's Oedenkerk Movie: Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. (Note: he wrote Ace Ventura) and the inevitable conclussion...
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    Eric Schmidt And Lady Gaga Team Up

    That's exatcly why they're able to pull it off. Because people are lazy enough to NOT connect the dots and the ones that aren't are mostly zealots with no credibility.
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    Eric Schmidt And Lady Gaga Team Up

    There are two types of puppets. Willful and Fools. She's a Willful one.
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    Facebook & Twitter Banned in France

    Well, not to defend him. But better to be an idiot than a totalitarian schizo bastard.
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    Facebook & Twitter Banned in France

    More like "Pathetic" and I'm an native Castillian Speaker.
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    Duke Nukem Forever Launch Trailer

    Total crap. It's actually Billy Squier song. Avalon sucks!!!