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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    I wish!!!
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    Oh bloody hell ATI, Paper Launch INC!

    OMG ATI will probably listen to Kyle advices!!! :rolleyes: Who knows... im just a canuck!
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    Overclock won't pass Prime95

    Not all apps will crash on memory errors, and prime95 isn't good to check system stability(in my opinion). Sometime when i overclock, it pass prime95 rock stable, but cant pass extreme tests. Some people from another board were doing this test, and trust me if it pass, your system can't be...
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    2.8a vs 2.8e Prescott

    you got it right, but remember, the front side bus is 133 quad pumped to 533, without Hyperthreading, i'd say unless you have a waterchiller or a phase change, dont jump on a 2.8A. The 2.8E can easily get to 3.2 on air with the good motherboard and with HT, but if your plan is to overclock like...
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    2x 2.4A or 1x 3.2E (P4 xeon vs. prescott)

    Have you seen the AMD MP? i saw one or 2 review of the AMD 250 killing Xeons on almost every test. Considering the amount of money invested when building a MP system, i'd look on both side (Intel & AMD). I may be wrong tho, but from what i remember they looked great.
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    p4 2.4A too hot??

    The 2.4A and 2.8A are not running at high temps! My 2.4A runs at 31C @2.4, and 35C at 3.2Ghz! On most board the A stepping runs kinda low. While the 2.8E i tested on the same board/case with same airflow ran at about 47C at stock speed. So i'd check the heatsink, maybe... remove the...
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    Post comp specs if over 303mhz fsb

    get a new job :D
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    3.0E 1MB cache really worth it?

    Get a C. Yes there is a noticable difference between 512k and 1mb cache, but considering this: 1- the infamous heat "problem" (temps do drop a bit with a side panel fan aiming at cpu) 2- they draw more Amps so you might need a new power supply
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    BEsT p4 motherboard

    bang for the buck it seems to be the msi pt880 neo series. 67$ on newegg. Im waiting one actually... hurry up purolator...
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    Vapochill worth it?

    My vote goes for Prescott with Vapochill(the best edition) :eek: thats what i WOULD have bought... of course if i had more money... If you want to overcloak, dont bother watercooling a prescott. watercooled prescott at stock speed temp = northwood air cooled temp well... pretty much...
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    cpu & mobo change - what to do

    Ok im using an Athlon tbird 1400mhz and im waiting my Intel 2.8c and Msi pt880 neo mobo, new ram and lots of stuff, i was wondering, since i keep my current HD, it probably wont boot, what i need to do in order to be able to boot and use the current XP installation i have on the HD with my new...
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    Power hungry pc owners revenge

    thx ALOT!!!
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    MX700 is there ever conflicts at LAN's?

    I have one and when i go to LAN's i try to get a place against a wall, theres less problem. In front of another mx700 is definitly a problem, you have to reconnect using the little button on the mouse so it change channel. I would not ever get a cordless keyboard since i saw a video of some...
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    Power hungry pc owners revenge

    Well... i may be wrong... but still "+3.3V rail is unusually low. We definitely would not recommend this power supply for AMD system builders, especially overclockers. (Intel system builders will have no problems with wattages)" -Anandtech taken from the Vantec 520W review of anandtech...
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    Power hungry pc owners revenge

    2600+ and all XP series are not as hungry as the new cpu's. And cdrom, HD's, fans, memory, ... aren't important since they dont take much. The new AMD 64 and P4 Prescott need alot more Amp. I heard the new 64 new 28A on the 3v rail, and prescott is alot on the 12v rail... i just dont remember...