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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Love the double lifetime warranty.
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    XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

    LOVE the warranty.
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    RE 5 ps3 vs 360

    Game was waayy to short for my likes. Definitely found RE4 to be much more enjoyable.
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    Beware Of Hot Chicks on Facebook

    Here's a more detailed story of it. There were also bomb threats on the school caused by him. Hits me more a little at home with me since I actually went to high school there. Needless to say none of that occurred while I was there. Thing is...
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    Cheap MSI GTX 260

    Never mind figured it out. Just needed to update to my current e-mail account and it showed up there.
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    Cheap MSI GTX 260

    Oh no, I'm not really worried about it. How did you log onto mwave to view your invoice? Is it just linked to your e-mail account? I guess I'm a little confused since my mwave email account is different that the one I used on ebay, and it is not showing up on there.
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    Cheap MSI GTX 260

    Picked up an MSI card too. Was looking for a good deal and 3 years is more than enough of a warranty period for me. Got the cash back notice, now just have to wait out the 59 days. Hopefully the MIR will come in, but still a really good deal without it.
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    Well, just like clock work, as soon as i start talking about my OC, it now no longer likes 3.5 GHz. Don't really have time to do any more testing, but I thought I would just let you know.
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    Sorry, don't really know much about long term over voltage problems (then again I really haven't looked into it either). Personally, I've never experienced any with a processor I've owned (knock on wood). In a generally sense, yes overclocking and volting your CPU will eventually cause for...
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    I guess I should really revise my statement, since I normally run my fans at only half speed. At full speed I'm in the low to mid 30s at idle, and low 50s at full load. I also went back and looked at all my OC settings, and I'm actually running 1.63 V on the CPU. With all the newer Q6600...
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    Not really. Temperatures are at 40 C idle, and about mid 50s under load. I have yet to really kill a processor by over volting it too much while it's under water. If it does eventually die in the future, i'm sure I can pick up a cheap replacement for it anyways.
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    Cant seem to get past 3.2ghz on my Q6600

    I got an G0 L8 at the beginning of summer. I was able to get it to 3.6 GHz on an abit IX38, but it took about 1.69 v to get there. I decided that the power and heat wasn't really worth it, so right now I have it at a rock solid 3.5 GHz with 1.61 v. Water cooling definitely required.
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    HIS 4870 $193 after MIR

    definitely in on this. I was planning on getting this later down when it dropped to around $200, didn't know it would come this soon though.
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    Cooler Master CM690 $19.99AR at Micro Center

    rebate is probably expired as this deal was first posted back in Jan.