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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Yep, thanks for the heads up, I've made sure that they aren't. :)
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Its not really possible because of the nature of the data. But I did find a different solution, it turns they have an FTP site, and it appears that the timestamp weirdness has something to do with the mirroring between the FTP and the HTTP servers.
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Its not my server, I'm just grabbing files from it, but they are running apache 2.0.52
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Thats possible, but then why if I browse to the directory myself, would I see the correct timestamp? Thats whats throwing me off.
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    I am using HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse in VB.NET to check the timestamp of a specific file which i know is updated periodically(every 4-10 minutes or so). The thing is, it seems like this is caching results because there is a lag between when the file is updated and when my program sees...
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    VB.NET Dataset Column Properties

    I'm working in VB.NET, I have a DataTable which contains columns of the Decimal type. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to find the Precision and Scale properties of these fields. If anyone can help out that would be fantastic.
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    C Programming Guru's please help (Simple C Programming)

    It looks like you are accessing a 2-Dimensional array like it is a 1-Dimensional array.
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    Internet Explorer Won't Fully Load Pages

    I've got a computer here that has a problem with IE6, it won't fully load pages. When i go to pages, some will fully load, others will load partially, but not display the full page. For example when I go to Shacknews, I see only the Shacknews logo and header bar. I've done full spyware and virus...
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    C++ Iterators

    Ah, that did indeed fix the problem that I was having. It was simply me confusing myself trying to figure out how to properly use iterators, and as a result screwing up the syntax.
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    C++ Iterators

    Ok, heres what I'm having a problem with, I'll post a portion of the code that is causing the problem, then see if i can explain what im trying to do. struct Course { string name; string grade; }; struct Student { string firstName; string...
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    IE7.. it is causing this?? Outlook

    To uninstall, when you are in the add/remove window, select "Show Updates". IE7 will be in the big list of installed patches and whatnot.
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    How do i take screenshots of video in media players?

    Turn off hardware acceleration in the player you are using, then take the screenshot.
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. N/A 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Yes
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    Motherboard for P3 Xeons

    Thanks for the responses, a friend had these two processors sitting around and said I could have them if I wanted them so I figured I may as well take them. I'll look around for a board and build a box as I find parts.