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    Two new elderly people converted to linux

    That's not too bad of a fix. Congrats on converting your folks.
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    Microsoft Updates Windows Update Client

    Thanks for the update!
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    MSI Radeon R9 270 Gaming

    People don't buy these to game any more, do they? I thought these were almost exclusively for litecoin mining.
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    Is OCZ On Its Last Legs?

    Bummer. OCZ used to advertise here all the time back in the day.
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    Adobe Flash Player Replacement 'Shumway' Lands in Firefox 27

    Awesome. A crappy buggy browser riddled with memory leaks, now paired with a poopy untested flash replacement created by the same company who made the original buggy flash. Sweet.
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    Inside The Kinect 2.0

    I see kinect active IR being used to film lots of revenge porn on the couch.
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    Measuring Your Dumbness With A Ruler in SLOW MOTION!

    Wow, I thought these guys were bad on app judgment, this is a new low.
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    Pill That Makes Smart People Dumber

    That's just the paranoia from the weed talking.
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    St. Patrick's Day vs. 50 BMG

    He's pissed off because he's in AA
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    Mancave of the Day

    more like virgin cave.
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    Recording SFX For Video Games

    5:33 - 5:40 is kinda sexy ;)
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    Cool Morphing Touchscreen Keyboard

    The new iPad - ribbed for her pleasure.
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    2012 NVIDIA Video Card Driver Performance Review @ [H]

    Come on, this stuff is fascinating :)
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    Smart Floor Uses LED Lights for Changeable Boundary Lines

    I think they did this a long time ago on the dance floor in Saturday Night Fever.
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    Westinghouse to Show 110-inch 4K TV at CES

    Sweet, I hope my Ikea Galant can hold this baby. It's gonna be a helluva monitor. :D