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    Tabs vs spaces

    It's tabs of course :cool:
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    Quake II on Vulkan API Now Available on GitHub

    Hmm.. did not see that. Although it gave an interesting morning project to setup Visual Studio, Vulkan SDK, etc. Managed to compile them ok. It seems to be buggy though, as it randomly, but reproducible, crash on loading a saved slot or changing level/map.
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    Metro 2033 is FREE for 24 hrs

    Was just about to post this. Still prefers the original over the redux.
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    Shadow Warrior 2 free on GOG
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    Northrop Grumman Announces 100Gbps Wireless Transmission Testing

    For a second there I thought it's [H]'s Northrop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Study: Mobile Phone Radiation May Affect Memory Performance in Adolescents

    I'll start using my left ears then...
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    Shadow Warrior Is Currently Free on Steam

    It's 50% off on Steam as well
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    Very slow NVMe write speed

    I don't think it's heat issues, will checkout the AMD all in one as suggested and also the bios settings. Thanks for all the replies, will check them tomorrow.
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    Very slow NVMe write speed

    Any ideas why my new Ryzen build have a very low write speed? It's a WD Black 512 M.2, with ASRock AB350M Pro4. Write speed should be around 600-800 MB/s. Thoughts?
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    GIGABYTE and AORUS at Computex

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    WannaCry RansomWare RansomWorm Analysis

    Link doesn't load atm, cached page: