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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    I need a DVI cable for mines. :(
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    RAM Choice With S939 3000+

    Get some TCCD based stuff. Not very expensive considering that they can do 300MHz. PDP XBL is 229/1GB, PQI Turbo is $245 Other manufacturers like OCZ and Corsar hand pick their stuff and sell for around $270
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    THE Memory FAQ

    This was the first place, it was posted. The previous thread was nuked.
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    Memory Upgrade Advice $$$

    What system???? If it's a P4C, then you WILL need 4 modules to maintain Dual channel. If you're running a AthlonXP/nForce2 combo, then 3 sticks will work fine in Dual Channel Mode.
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    Who needs BH-5/BH-6 when you've got D43!!

    Even at 3.2-3.3V memory will last longer than it is needed. I've been running BH-5 at 3.2V for over a year now. And people have been doing the same for much longer.
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    Who needs BH-5/BH-6 when you've got D43!!

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    Best MB/RAM to pair with 64 3000+?

    They lost a big partner, then closed their fabs and moved to speciality DRAM and flash ram crap.
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    Best MB/RAM to pair with 64 3000+?

    CG says CG.
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    Best MB/RAM to pair with 64 3000+?

    Get the DFI nForce3. Still not widely available yet ...but get-it. :cool: For memory ...a Gig of Corsair XL is $275, which is overclockable with relaxed timings.
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    New OCZ memory pc3700 A64 Help

    ^^^ + Command rate -> 1t 1T will give better performance clock for clock, but will also hinder double-sided modules from clocking at higher frequencies. Read the faq, noob.
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    Best RAM for DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250Gb?

    The EB will do low latency (3-2-2-X) at high frequences. Nice build...nearly identical to mine :)
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    What ram timings is everyone running their OCZ EB Ram at?

    Stock timings seem slow, but the EB performs. I have both the PC3200 and the PC3700. The PC3200 maxes out at 245Mhz, 3.1v at 3-2-2-11 timings on a Infinity. You can do 2.5-2-2-11 between 200 and 225. My new PC3700 reaches 260MHz, 3.1v so far at 3-2-2-6 timings
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    Help With Some New RAM

    Waste! What is wrong with your current memory? It's BH-5. People kill for that and pay upwards to $360 for it. And there's no doubt it will overclock to PC4000 speeds and higher when given more voltage. But to answer your question, Yes, the PC4000 aka ddr500 will run in your ddr400...
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    Best memory for a Neo2 Plat

    OCZ EB Mushkin Level II V2 Corsar XL Can't go wrong with these. The EB is the top choice. The other two, based 4ns samsung chips, are great for higher frequencies but with looser timings.