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    Rumor: Xbox One Getting New Polaris-Based GPU

    Besides, even if it was some "new" tech, it's worthless. Developers would still code for the lowest denominator ala no kinect.
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    Rumor: Xbox One Getting New Polaris-Based GPU

    Debunked at the very site linked, no less. "Rumor" indeed.
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    Women Who Play Games Shun ‘Gamer’ Label

    It's always been a negative term for women...Nothing has been "twisted", you're just learning about what half the population thinks when people label themselves as a 'gamer'. Sorry if that twists your tiny little worldview.
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    Can A Screenplay Algorithm Save Hollywood?

    eh, ridiculous. Algorithms will firstly have an inherent bias since I assume it's going to base its conditions on previous movie successes. So, that'll create an even more unimaginative hollywood. Secondly, script is an important aspect but director and actors can go a long way to save a...
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    PlayStation Now Extends Subscription Plan To $100 Per Year

    So besides all the tiny dicks stroking their tiny dicks in this thread, 9.99 a month doesn't seem so bad. Netflix is similarly priced and is basically the same thing (why stream those movies when you can get them for pennies on ebay lol!), but the convenience factor is real. However, I think...
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    Sony Might Have Unlocked The PS4’s 7th CPU Core

    Look at all that wasted technology.
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    A Price Of Games Journalism

    Oh, and the sooner you guys release games "journalists" don't exist, the sooner we can stop pretending it's a thing.
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    A Price Of Games Journalism

    Maybe you should if pubs are banning them?
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    Pennsylvania Proposes $50M Fine Against Uber

    I'm assuming you're only including direct sales and not all the write-offs and benefits the oil companies receive through other forms of revenue. Nope, still going to demonize them.
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    Gamergate Movie In Development, May Star Scarlett Johansson

    Perspective implies an opinion of how things happened. These tings that happened have logged evidence and can be sorted chronologically. Your analogy is flawed because you can not confirm the silliness about the duke. It's a nice strawman, but you're right, historians would look for the...
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    StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void Sells 1 Million In 24 Hours

    eh, it's about par for the course. A bit under HoTS, but typical for the series, which is probably Blizzard's weakest in terms of sales.
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    game looks like it came from 2010
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    World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer

    During the whole trailer I was just asking myself "what's new?" It's a repeat. At least Mists had something new.
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    Gamergate Movie In Development, May Star Scarlett Johansson

    "Truth" should at least be accurate, don't you think? The jealous ex releasing the email came FIRST. Then, by releasing the email to some fellows in IRC (and thanks to 4chan), they try to smear Quin and when that doesn't work they purposefully move the goalposts to "game journalism". It...