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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Interesting article on PCGamer. Made me a little more cautious about the SP side seeming like only a primer to the MP. Also states that there won't be any DLC. Also like how they had X-Wing in mind as a starting point rather than Battlefront 2.
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    I can't keep up now with what's been said in here but it looks like there is cross-play support for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and VR. You'll also earn things like weapons, engines, and shields to deck out your starfighter as you move up the ranks.
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    And why do you feel like you have to resort to name-calling? Does it make you feel like you're better than everyone? I, personally, love to have discussions on all topics with people who do not have the same viewpoint that I do because then I feel like that is the opportunity to learn...
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Nice edit to get rid of that political Trump pic. On topic, hopefully the SP will be longer than a handful of hours. Cautiously optimistic on this one but it also is EA.
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    Simply does not equal simple. But that is not "customize your character", it's a "choose your character".
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    Star Wars: Squadrons

    He's simply pointing out that their "customization" is a joke. Any game that I can remember playing that had a player customization screen, you could change everything from skin color to eye color. This is just a "choose who you are" screen.
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    Borderlands 3

    I think that I've finished the main storyline but have the sidequests to do still. I've just lost interest in the grind for now. I guess the past two just haven't lived up to the second one imo.
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    Fallout 76

    So, should I be concentrating on playing this game? i just pop in here and there.
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    Freedompop anyone use their free plan?

    This, this, a million times this!
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    Freedompop anyone use their free plan?

    Think I tried it once but gdit they charged for 5 bux for anything you did. So I dropped it like a bad habit and found Mint Mobile and love it.
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    Recent PC Games are buggy ... this has to stop

    Recent games? You must be one of them young'uns. :D
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Definitely Doom Eternal!
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    MS update Tuesday: to fix an extraordinarily serious security risk

    True, but if you have to be that nervous waiting for an update, should you be online in the first place?