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    Ohio Man Says iPhone XS Max Caught Fire and Exploded in His Pocket

    Using back pockets for holding a phone is just asking for it - especially if they often tend to be 'tight fitting'. Now besides the pocket thing, this is why I don't bother with any of the newer feature phones, they are thin as hell with a battery that will happily turn into a bomb if violated...
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    Laptops With 128GB of RAM Are Here

    Nice find - for personal use or day to day office work this would be insane (I have a 7 year old junker for an office computer that does the job just fine)... however for the simulators at my work these would be VERY useful (wouldn't surprise me if the P52 actually is a result of a government...
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    Stealthy Data Exfiltration Possible via Magnetic Fields

    Very much so- physical security, access controls/policies, and irregular sweeps/occasions are still called on for maintaining protection of classified processing. It is also why typically where TOP SECRET processing occurs is within a few 'onion' layers of SECRET realms within your nearby...
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    Facebook is Planning an Assault on YouTube

    Vimeo depending on the plan and who you are. There is a class of service associated with said plans - my work (CAN Dept of National Defence) pays $$$ for Vimeo hosting when the situation calls for public hosting than internal only hosting where class of service is also important...
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    Swatting "Prank" Ends Up in Death?

    Nicely put... Also in this case, I fully believe that the stage was set by the local beat patrol and not SWAT/ETF (one officer manning sunlight pointed at door ready to bark orders, other officer with long gun at aim which is standard issue in the car, and then the show started) - with no less...
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    All 50 States Vote Yes On AT&T’s $40 Billion Emergency Response Network FirstNet

    Hopefully it isn't setup like the TMR2 up here in Canada - Bell servers took a shit earlier this year over a underground substation transformer blowing up and knocked out PS comms for a good swath of the country (and as far as I know the lack of redundancy issue hasn't been fixed). Now if your...
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    Some Carriers May Start Hiding Signal Strength from Users in Android P

    LTE Discovery app gives the dBm value.
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    Uber Gets Tubed in London

    40,000 out of a city of 17M - Cry me a damn river considering most of these drivers are dual licensed. London black cabs are expensive though (LHR to Downtown - Union Jack ran £200 back in 2010, had to take that when LHR spazzed out over 1" of snow and the Tube completely shut down) - but in a...
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    The Duke, Xbox’s Biggest Controller of All Time, Will Be in Stores Soon

    Even before the OG XBOX, MS had a habit of designing their hardware for big hands. I wasn't fond of the original controller due to the odd ergonomics that go with it - even though I also can palm a basketball.
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    The Navy Will Soon Use Xbox Controllers to Operate Its Attack Submarines

    Nothing wrong with this... another great use for what is a VERY versatile, simple, and nearly indestructible input device. Although I am not sure if M$ intentionally designs their peripherals to be mil-spec grade, but they are my go to at work when possible to swap out the custom unreliable -...
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    Hacker Leaks Entire Season of Netflix Show after Extortion Demand Not Met

    I could see Netflix hastly bumping up the release date just to quiet the storm a bit on this one...
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    Uber Tracked iPhone Users after They Deleted the App

    A well deserved chastising indeed...
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    US Navy Bans E-Cigarettes Fleet-Wide

    Thanks [H] for posting this.... you may have just started the Canucks to do the same (will discuss this with my RCN colleagues at Naval Force Readiness on where the Canadian Navy stands with e-cigs). LiON battery explosions are no joke and typical furnishments on a mess deck mean shit burns fast...
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    95% of Organizations Have Employees Seeking to Bypass Security Controls

    About the IT Admins reading shit and chirping about their finds in the break room... in my line of work (Canadian gov't - EVERYTHING is watched), if the IT Admin felt like disclosing random personall crap to the crowd they found during a 'sweep' they'd be in the crowbar hotel once the MPs/RCMP...
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    Amazon Will Collect Sales Taxes Nationwide on April 1

    Any business with a .ca domain has to collect taxes in Canada or CRA can apply in court to have their .ca registration killed (some exceptions exist but taxes most times are collected before the item is in your hands)- so when amazon got their DNS registration they had to start charging the...