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  • You need to purge windows of the driver if installed (device mgr, find it, delete it and check the box to remove driver software). Reboot and don't install any drivers if the OS asks except for standard VGA (it will automatically do this), reboot. Next go get the XP driver, disable driver signing enforcement, add "featurescore=fc" to the INF (google it), and then update the SVGA card to the XP driver for your card (pointing to the modified INF), it should install.
    Hi Donald!

    Im using XP since ages.. but sometimes I try 7 and 8 to check if I can get the same speed as XP but I always leave because the 2D accel is gone and the slowdowns in 2D apps are noticeable.

    I revised your post "Faster Win7 32bit/64bit With Legacy Video/GDI acceleration"
    but I was not able yet to bring back the 2D accel (Im not sure if its cause If I havent found the correct drivers)

    I wanted to ask you about how to bring back the 2D accel in win7. Im not gamer.. I use only 2D apps.. and I love save resources for my real tasks (not internal OS ones).
    If you have more into about it.. links for drivers what brings back the 2D accel automatically.. OS versions with the hack ready.. or you have revised the procedure to tweak the drivers as you write in the post.. plz let me know..

    Seems thatt nobody cares about this... People are always saying about get new hardware to run 7 or 8.. buy a new videocard.
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