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    Any xbox game pass PC deals?

    The conversion rate for xbl gold => ultimate is terrible. Best to max out the 3yrs of gold and THEN convert to ultimate.
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    Did you have the original Moto RAZR, and did you hate it?

    I picked up a black one for myself and a pink one for my wife back when they came out. We still have them in the box in our closet. It was a great phone, never had any problems with either of them.
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    NY Police Union Wants Saints Row 2 Pulled

    Parking Wars MMORPG ftw
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    The Nintendo Revolution, and Why Wii Were Wrong

    The wife and I picked up house of the dead 2/3 and a pair of perfect shots, it was a blast playing both of them to the end. Wii Sports is a hit in this household because it has family appeal for us and our kids. Wii Fit is next on the list. That's about all that has interest around here...
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    YouTube Video Lands Man In Jail

    Rialto, nice. I live in this city. That just makes this even more hilarious.
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    So I have been playing SSBB for a few days

    a little chaos is a good thing
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    Gaming Laptop

    why not go with the Gateway? seems like a good pickup for the money
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    Smash Brothers Brawl Friend Code Exchange

    domo 1694-8976-2403-9241
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    The Official "Smash Brothers Brawl" Thread

    It's pretty crazy for me, i enjoyed the time i spent with Melee (which wasnt much) so I am trying to get into the groove of playing this game. I enjoy learning how to play this, which is always a plus as opposed to being bored out of your mind because you just don't get it. So far I am not let...
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    question about Wii wifi

    I don't think any of the Wii boxes are actually sealed, I have picked up a few of them since launch at retail stores.and never has there been a seal sticker on them. I know the first time I picked one up I was kind of worried about there being no seal but then I saw they all came like that...
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    Brawl is Coming!

    I enjoyed Melee but I am enjoying Brawl a whole lot more. Should have just been named Super Smash Bros Awesome, imho.
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    PS3, XBox 360 or Wii

    the only things that made me keep my Wii is SSBB and Mario Kart when it hits. my fiance actually bought me a PS3 a couple of weeks ago but I figured I wouldn't actually use it enough to warrant keeping it around so we returned it (she wanted to kill me :D).
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    Brawl is Coming!

    local video rental place had it up for rent already, gotta love socal.
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    Brawl is Coming!

    im playing it right now, this game is a BLAST!