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    ipod tracking

    One of my teachers was saying when you connect your ipod to your computer and load up itunes, it sends out your serial number of the ipod connected to apple(assuming you have a internet connection). I lost my ipod and pretty sure it was stolen. My teacher also said something about how you can...
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    Hardware requirements for a small webserver???

    Yeah option number two is more than enough power to host a website.
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    ^ Great book. Also if you just starting out Dev-C++ is a great free IDE and uses MinGW as it's compiler.
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    Wireless Site Survey

    Also, if you guys know of any good products you have used in the past or heard good things about let me know thanks.
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    Wireless Site Survey

    We are doing a site survey for one of our new elementary schools. In the past we hired a company to do this for us. Now, they are talking about doing it on our own. I was wondering if any of you guys know of an industry standard approach to doing this or what you guys have done in the past...
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    I just passed CompTIA Network+ Beta...

    The few jobs that I put that cert down as having didn't really care about verifying it or anything. I would just keep the card in your wallet or something if they ask about it.
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    What to get

    I looking to spend around 550 at the most.
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    What to get

    I have been looking around to get a inexpenisve mac. I was looking at getting a mac mini or possibly a used G4 off of ebay. I won't really be doing anything intensive on it, I want it mainly to familiarize myself with OSX as I am a linux/windows only guy. Maybe throw some lite progamming in...
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    Guess what is in the bag!!!

    Jimmy Hoffa
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    Does anyone know wardriving programs

    If you run linux try kismet. It is a lot better than netstumbler.
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    Guess what is in the bag!!!

    Peanut butter M&Ms
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    free powerpoint alternative?