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    building a home desktop, a few quick questions

    thanks for your help, guys. i'll take a gander through all this. not interested in buying used, but i'm gonna put this info to use.
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    building a home desktop, a few quick questions

    So it's been roughly 10 years since i've built my own pc; i've mostly been using laptops in the mean time. i figure it'd be nice for me to build a nice, simple pc for home use. word, excel, diablo 3, nothing too strenuous or creative. no video editing, no overclocking, mostly home office use and...
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    think my receiver is dead, repair or replace?

    I'll pop it open tonight after work and see what i can see. assuming i need to replace it, how do i shop for one? this one came with my speakers. all i need is something to communicated between my cable box/games consoles to my tv and 5.1 surround system. i don't need the dual zone features or...
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    think my receiver is dead, repair or replace?

    thanks. any simple tests you can think of that i might perform first? the thing is i use it to bridge my consoles to my tv/5.1 so if it's not doing any then i can't think of any way to test it. btw i'm completely stupid when it comes to this sort of stuff.
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    think my receiver is dead, repair or replace?

    so i've got a denon avr-1909 it's about 4-5 years old. i think my recent construction might have gotten a bunch of dust into the machine or something, but it won't play anything through hdmi. i've got my 360, ps3 and cable box all fed through and nothing shows. 360 and ps3 play just fine...
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    [Poll] Do you actively try for achievements?

    achievements can be, when given some thought and effort, the difference between putting away a good game because you've beaten it so many times, and another play through or two because there's still more to do. a bad game or lackluster achievements won't draw extra time played.
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    Halo listed on Amazon for Xbone

    I enjoyed every game, but probably reach the most. 4 is a close second but the matchmaking does get really annoying at times. i feel like matchmaking was always smoother with bungie games
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    is it worth the time/money?

    Thanks for the replies. it sounds like i'll be holding off then for a while. if i want to play my mp3s on my 5.1 system what's the best method to do so? i have a denon receiver with 5.1, xbox and ps3 and my music on my computer. it's a small collection, more than can fit on my xbox but it'd be...
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    is it worth the time/money?

    For a long time i've entertained the idea of building a HTPC with a media server. the idea is i would copy all my dvd/BD to the server, use the HTPC to record tv shows, and be able to stream them around the house. i'm doing some work on the house (a lot of it) and was thinking i might be...
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    The natural quartz powder...leads to...sound filled with a feeling of throbbing pulse

    i wish i were rich, i'd fill my house with this stuff just to piss you guys off. 'look at all this amazing magical stuff i have, it works so much better than anything you plebeians can afford'
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    Setting up PS4 for a rental property

    does your renter's insurance cover loss/theft of small value items like video games and controllers? setup the console(s) in a media cabinet with shelves for the games and a nice lock (maybe electronic so it's easy to keep changing?) charge a fee for the games. the fee should ideally cover...
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    halo 4 matchmaking problems?

    anyone still playing halo 4? lately i've been playing and i'm consistently put on the losing team. this can be when i'm going 20-10 or 5-15 cuz we're getting rolled. this entire week i think i've won maybe 3 games of slayer out of 20. my CSR is only 17 so i don't know what the fuck is going on...
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    ps3 rpg recommendations

    ya maybe i'll get back into ff13, but it was just way too much of a shift from linear to wide open and there's too much to do all of a sudden. ff7 was a really linear game but it felt wide open. older games were like this: build a big world, and just have plenty of "sorry you're not able to go...
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    ps3 rpg recommendations

    thanks for the tips, i'll start by looking into valkyria chronicles.
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    wow. Xbox live free games vs free PS+ games.

    no point, merely helping to highlight the difference between the offerings by sony vs microsoft. MS offers really old games that are yours to play, even after cancelling service (or using trial) sony offers newer games on a long term rental.