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    3.2TB SSD for $240

    Thanks! got one for 199.96. 3.2TB will replace a 500GB NVME gaming drive (thats 90% full) that I have installed via a PCIe card in one of my 16x slots. I seriously doubt I'll see a big difference in load times between the two, and at $200 for 3.2TB...yeah, no brainer.
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    Ultrawide monitor Nvidia and freesync

    I have a 38" Acer ultrawide. I love size, refresh rate, but hate...HATE HATE HATE freesync, because its broken on this monitor model. Anything above 60Hz makes the screen "brigthtness" flicker if freesync is enabled. NOTHING solves it other than disabling freesync. There are lots of threads...
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    DHS Seizes Aftermarket Apple Laptop Batteries from Independent Repair Expert

    And here come the Apple apologists... Apple would never do anything to harm or mislead consumers................pfffft LOL
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    Awesome. Was just looking to change VPN providers. I'll try this out.
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    Is Path Tracing the future, beyond Ray Tracing?

    And that's why I patreon this guy. Love his videos.
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    VERY RARE!!! Advanced Gravis Ultrasound GUS PnP

    I had a similar experience with Wing Commander 1 and Sound Blaster 8-bit. When I got it, and then installed a Freak'n SPEECH PACK....WOW. I play around with a lot of vintage computers from an 8086 on up to Pentium 3's, though my sweet spot is the 386 to 486/Pentium 1 era of DOS and early...
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    VERY RARE!!! Advanced Gravis Ultrasound GUS PnP

    Very Rare....Pfft. Not $1000 rare. Now....Try finding a ViperMax NEW IN BOX, NEVER USED. Now THAT is rare. :sneaky::whistle: This guy wants $2,500 for his NOT boxed, NO floppies, bare card. I wonder how much my MINT VIRGIN in box would go for...
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    Adored's RTX 2080 Ti Review Roundup and Analysis

    I support him (and HardOCP btw) via Patreon. Love most of his videos. He really does a great job at analysis, and seems quite thorough.
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    No. BTW Kyle, I signed up for Patreon. Keep it straight, like you've always done.
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    AWE64 GOLD II CT4560 / Creative SoundBlaster

    You're joking.....*face palm*. I love vintage hardware.
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    FS: Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060u 22" CRT | Mavic Pro + Goggles - Dallas area

    Free shipping? ;-) Awesome monitor. Wish I could come pick this up.
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    Traffic Engineers’ Epic Fail

    I rarely post to shit like this, but I have to respond having six children. Natural selection proves itself to be true? How fucking heartless do you have to be to state shit like that? Survival of the fittest? A kid is dead and this is the type of god damn garbage that is allowed on HARDFORUM????
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    I've read a few posts that clocks don't go much higher, even though temps have plummeted (Just like most processes today....). Have you found that to be true? Going water only makes sense if you want lower temps/quiet? BTW. Thanks for the info!