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    Jack Black's YouTube Gaming Channel Hits 1 Million Subs with Only One Video

    *sigh* I don't know what it is but Jack Black annoyes the hell out of me.
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    Seasonic USA MSRP UPDATE for 2018

    Hard to have an american equivalent competition when the foreign market can charge less due to artificially deflated currency value....
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    Intel CPU Shortage Could Lower DRAM Prices

    Except then you get news like this: to ensure that prices dont come down from their > 200% inflation point.
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    10 Reasons Linux Gamers Might Want to Pass On the NVIDIA RTX Series

    What I dont understand though if gaming is your main PC use is the people who complain about how expensive the new GPU's are, but then spend almost 2k on a threadripper that will barely help your games if at all.
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    Supreme Court Rules States Can Force Online Retailers to Collect Sales Tax

    I agree in leveling the playing field.... eliminate sales tax altogether! States (federal government as well) keep finding new ways of taxation (I realize sales tax is not new) and need to learn to cut back like the rest of us.
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    Ubisoft Believes Next Gen Is the Last for Consoles

    Can't wait to start streaming my 4k by 4k VR with my CAPd interet with overages. Could play 15 minutes of Skyrim VR enhanced edition for the low price of 800 dollars.
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    How Much Have You Spent on Steam?

    not too bad $2503.69 like you said money well spent. Though codes bought on G2A or GMG probably arent counted.
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    HuniePop and Other Adult Games Facing Removal From Steam Store

    Well the environment has it coming for getting so damn hot!
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    Canada Facing “Brain Drain” as Young Tech Talent Leaves for Silicon Valley

    Don't worry with the pace that the United States has been trying to embrace socialism we wont have the tax advantage very long.
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    GMG PayDay Promo

    ooooh! Thanks for that tip, i'll have to try that.
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    China Using AI and Facial Recognition Technology to Identify and Fine Jaywalkers

    Everyone seems to jaywalk over there, right in front of police. Didnt seem like anyone cared.
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    GMG PayDay Promo

    what was my first thought
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    Chinese Space Lab May Fall to Earth This Month

    Damn.... France can't even win a war against space crap.