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    Backing Up SharePoint Services 3.0?

    Is there a tool or utility out there that would easily let me schedule a backup of my SharePoint Servives 3.0 databases? Right now I have them stored on a RAID1 drive array, but I'd like something more...especially if the server dies, I could load the software and restore the database to...
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    Vista vs. XP - average user discussion

    You're absolutely right, which is why people were so pissed off that you had to derail the thread with your "worshipping" comment, as opposed to sticking with the task at hand. If you do a simple trace back through this thread, it was completely on topic, with some excellent discussions until...
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    Vista vs. XP - average user discussion

    If you want to look to a root cause, look in the mirror. I tried being civil and asking for an end to the bickering. I sat right in the middle blaming both sides. However, you opened your mouth to criticize me, without knowing what you were talking about. Instead of realizing we were giving...
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    Vista vs. XP - average user discussion

    Are you serioues? I'm asking this honestly, are you serious? You thank me for being civil and then you post this mess?
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    Vista vs. XP - average user discussion

    I guess you didn't read closely what I said. Show me where I had a problem with telling someone to do their own research. Quite the contrary. My point of issue is in your need to take a shot at the people who are trying to be truthful about Vista, which is often mistaken for "Vista...
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    Windows Activation question

    You also might have a hell of a time getting Tablet Edition installed on a desktop. You're CD key is only good for one installation at a time, so if the laptop is still in use, regardless of OS version you plan to use on the desktop, you'll need a new license.
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    do we really need updates

    It's actually rather simple: If connected to the internet at anytime, answer is yes. If no connection exists, it can't hurt.
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    What are the actual advantages Vista has over XP?

    The only reason Apple isn't a true monopoly, is because of their small percentage of market share. If you separate the PC market into Wintel and Apple, like it used to be, apple becomes more hienous that anything Microsoft has been able to do. What really scares me is the amount of people led...
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    Vista vs. XP - average user discussion

    This is getting out of hand, really. Why do you think some people have to defend Vista? I'll give one reason. To stop the spread of ridiculous information that is posted. There are legitimate criticisms of Vista, and they there's ignorant, false rants. Just because some people put effort...
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    Should I upgrade to Vista now or after hardware upgrade

    It very well might boot fine, and run fine once you load new drivers, but most likely it would require you to reactivate. I'd prefer to wait until the new build was set, or load Vista64 within 30 days of when you will have the new build done. Vista gives you a 30 day trial without activating.
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    Get an app in XP to use more memory.

    I could watch a typical movie from DVD on an old Omnibook 6000 laptop with a 6 cell battery. I couldn't make it through any of the Lord Of The Rings, mind you, but normal length movies are okay.
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    Get an app in XP to use more memory.

    If you're only getting 90 minutes of watching a video clip on a laptop, it sounds like you need to start blaming the laptop. Either you have a piss-poor battery, one that's going bad, or just a very very small capacity one. Even power hungry laptops I've used in the past could easily get...
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    Computer not working, help

    You boot from your XP CD and follow the options for a repair.
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    Backing Up A Full OS

    If I had one PC to backup, I'd probably go with a cage as well. I'm only using the server, because my wife is in school to be a web developer, and I can also play around with server admin tools, all while backing up two computers and a laptop to it.
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    Vista on a Tecra M3

    5) Sounds like a video driver issue, not Vista. 6) It's supposed to be a memory whore, for good reasons. Why pay for 2 GB of memory, if you want to use as little as possible? Do people buy Ferrari's to see how little of their horsepower they are using?