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    Samsung Note 8

    I love everything about my Note 8 except the fingerprint scanner. Its not horrible for me, I have pretty big hands, but the home button fingerprint sensor on my Note 5 was so much more convenient. I dont know exactly what it is about this Note that makes it so much funner to use, but I am...
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    Samsung Note 8

    Once they have some kind of good promotion, either a great price on a gear s3 with the phone, or a buy one, get one half off phone sale, I will be buying a couple of them. If anyone else came out with a big screen, stylus, water resistant phone I would probably jump ship, but right now...
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    Best GeForce GTX 980 Ti?

    Why would you stay away from EVGA?
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    AIO WC cooling solutions, yay or nay?

    I love my 980 Ti hybrid. Its quiet, never goes over 58c no matter what the load. When I upgrade to a 1080 Ti it will almost certainly be another EVGA hybrid.
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    Does Lian-Li still make the best cases?

    They are not the best, but they certainly are iconic. Lian Li has the ability to make cases that look super classy, or super trashy. As stated several times, they dont have many of the features that you find in Fractal Design, Corsair, NZXT, etc. But what they do have are some cases that look...
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    Note 7

    Not a big fan of touch wiz, I'm a little disappointed that this wasn't a bigger jump in performance, especially with the skip from 5 to 7, and I still wish they had the removable battery. HOWEVER, its the only phone with a decent stylus (which I really miss on my Nexus 6) and its waterproof...
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    EVGA GTX 970 Superclocked $259 @Fry's $249 if you have a Sunday promo code

    I see you already have one, so I would say its not a BAD idea. The price is the key, if you can get a great deal on a new or used one, then give it a try. SLI is fun to play with and can give your system more life before full upgrade. The RAM limitations aren't going to go away in SLI though...
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    Comparison of custom GeForce GTX 1080 PCBs

    I know what you mean. Asus makes some pretty darn nice stuff but about the time I start thinking I might have to give them a try I see a new horror story about their customer support. And back to EVGA I go.
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    GTX 1070 SLI?

    It really comes down to how good a card the 1070 is and how it scales in SLI, but I always buy the fastest single GPU I can afford. Then I sometime buy a second one later for SLI as a cheaper upgrade than buying the newest single GPU card out. This way I leap-frog a coupld generations of GPUs...
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    EVGA 1080 FE Order Availability

    I am assuming that eventually there is going to be a Ti variant so there is no way I am going to go from a 980 Ti to a 1080 for this price point. Well, actually for almost any price point, its not fast enough for me to upgrade from my 980 Ti. If a Ti version comes out it should be enough of...
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    Not a chance. I'm running a 980 Ti hybrid and this is not a good step up for me. The 1080 Ti will be more interesting, but most likely I will be good for the next major GPU release. The 980 Ti is a good enough card that this 1080 doesn't look THAT much better.
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    What is the most expensive Video Card you ever bought?

    My gtx 980 Ti was the most by far. No regrets at all though.
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    LG G5 Modules...

    The fact that there is no standard and it complicates updates are very valid. The potential lack of future compatibility of the modules is the biggest worry for me. I think this type of platform could be huge if properly implemented though. I doubt LG has enough clout to invent an industry...
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    LG G5 Modules...

    The actual phone looks like it will be very decent but nothing mind blowing. The modules are what are interesting about it, how useful do you think they will be, and is anyone else interested in these? Right now they only show an upgraded audio module and a camera control module. I think a...
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    upgrading from high oc SLI 670

    I went from SLI 670s moderately overclocked to a 980 Ti at a similar resolution and I would go for nothing less than a 980 Ti. The 390(x) is not much more than a side grade except for eliminating any dual card issues, and the regular 980 isn't a good enough jump for the money you would have to...