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    Seasonic S12 - 500 watt $105.88 before tax (California, at least) or shipping. Not bad, think I'll pick it up there. Decent resellerratings for that site.
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    Replacement NB fan for DFI LanParty boards

    I believe they're completely identical. There's a third company that makes one that looks exactly the same too. I think they all use the same design. No idea about noise difference, I doubt there's much of one. On any of them, you have to make a couple small cuts in it to avoid small...
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    Replacement NB fan for DFI LanParty boards

    Coolerguys has the identical Vantec Iceburq 4 for $12.95: Make sure you get just the "4" not the "4 Pro."
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    xp-90c or xp-90

    I'm not sure why. It's not quite as efficient, and it doesn't cool any of the motherboard components below it due to it's orientation. It is better for exhausting hot air out of the case, but that's about it. You really can't run it passive on most CPUs (unless maybe if you have a P180 case with...
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    xp-90c or xp-90

    Thermaltake Big Typhoon is a great cooler. I had a hard time believing it, being that Thermaltake makes it. :p But the reviews speak for themselves: My only issue with it is the weight (and apparently it's not possible to install with...
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    What AMD CPU will give me the fastest OC ?

    How is an Opteron 146 (S939) cheaper? It's over $200 ($221 at monarch) for a 2.0GHz/1MB chip. You can get a SD 3700+ for only $11 more, and it's got an extra 200MHz stock.
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    Fear $36.99

    I went into Frys on Friday and they had it for that price in store. They also had the special DVD edition for $45 vs the regular $55.
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    Thermochill PA120.3

    In terms of noise? I was experimenting with some fans I have yesterday and having anything that close to the fan does increase noise...It did seem more noisey on the pull side as push side, but I still would think a shroud would help noise.
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    Thermochill PA120.3

    I assume this means the shrouds for the HE series fit the PA series?
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    Sapphire X800 GTO 2 Newegg sold out? It's not even showing the product page now. :(
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    Swiftech H20-Apex *GROUP BUY*

    I'll take one for $199 if I don't buy the parts separately first (which I probably wont in 2 weeks). Add me to the list?
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    Sapphire X800 GTO 2

    Damn, I noticed it out of stock this morning at $199, now $219. I guess I'll see how the X1800/X1600s look in 5 days. Maybe the price will drop back to $199 by then.
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    Went from Intel Pentium II 450 MHz to AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.0 GHz

    First computer we had at home was one of the (if not the) first Apple Powerbooks. Don't remember the model #. Black & white screen, 90MB HD space, about 8MB RAM. Then a Performa 6400/180 (CD-ROM, w00t!) To a G4 400 Sawtooth (AGP graphics) Sold it when moved in with the girlfriend who had a...
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    Dell 2005FPW + BF-2 + DVI = No Go :(

    Monitors have drivers? Is this specific to LCDs, or special features some monitors have? I've never installed a monitor driver in my life. This ViewSonic CRT came with a CD when I bought it 5 years ago, never once put it in.
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    eVGA kicks butt!

    I wonder if they do this kind of thing one in a thousand times just to get good press on forums like this. :) Even if so, they still seem like a good company.