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    Overstock Wants To Offer Stock That Works Like Bitcoin

    So kinda like every OTC stock but with a modern twist.
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    BB In-Store: XFX 7850 @ $107, 7770 @ $83

    Newegg has the PowerCooler 7850 2gb for arund the same price after $30 rebate.
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    Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

    Can someone please tell me how to get someone to buy my companies at 10X+ revenue?
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    BB In-Store: XFX 7850 @ $107, 7770 @ $83

    Next time, order the card online. Worst case is they cancel the order. Best case, they track them down and adjust the price which is what happened to me.
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    US Senate Votes in Favor of Internet Sales Taxes

    Who gets the sales tax money? The buyer's jurisdiction? Seller's? A split? Please don't say the feds get it.
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    China Blocks Google as New Leader Elected

    Cutting off Gmail? That is not very social of them.
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    Apple To Add 3,600 Jobs At New Texas Campus

    I like articles about a state that is competitive at pulling in big business capital investment because of its ability to take funds from one person and give it to another, rather than for being efficient.
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    Need a new phone a.s.a.p. N-One or HD2 ?

    35% cash back at through bing. I'm almost certain XDA Dev will release WM7 for the HD2 so I wouldn't worry about that. Watch out on ETFs as there is sometimes an 'equipment recovery' fee on top of that.
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    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 earphones - $99

    My Logitech order shipped this morning. Still waiting on Amazon.
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    Turn Your Pistol Into An Assault Rifle

    So it is a felony for me to be able to more accurately fire my pistol? Awesome. We should ban these from police use too.
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    Sony Develops Highly Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System

    The world needs something to increase electricity demand by 40% since electric cars aren't doing it fast enough.
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    National Broadband Map May Not Cost $350M

    $350mil that the comms companies don't have to spend. I love how big biz can shove their costs onto the public. Isn't this a study that should be conducted by a privately funded Co-op for the benefit of the businesses funding it? I tend to think private biz would get it done faster and cheaper...
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    Radeon 4890 + STALKER = $170 AR FS

    Dont forget to go through the combo deals and add the free copy of Battleforge. Also, 2.5% cash back through
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    Dell Outlet - 3007WFP-HC for $749

    Dont forget 3% fatcash from
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    Mobo pr0n

    Needs 1 less PCI slot and 1 more PCIE slot.