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    I'm stumped - help?

    It only had a couple of options for RAM speed and voltage, also did not have IO voltage. It was a Pro4s. To be fair, I didn't update the BIOS.
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    I'm stumped - help?

    Swapped the ASRock board for the Gigabyte I was originally using. The ASRock just doesn't have jack for configuration options. Set the IO and SA to recommended voltages. No go. Increased RAM voltage to 1.25 and decreased speed to 1866mhz. POSTed and, so far, stable in Prime95. I'll let that run...
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    I'm stumped - help?

    1.3v, 2133. issue persists. went ahead and replaced the cpu as well.
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    I'm stumped - help?

    Set the RAM speeds and timings manually. No dice. This board will only let me set the SA voltage up to 1.2. Did that, set RAM to 1.25 for shits and giggles. IO is fixed at .95. No dice.
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    I'm stumped - help?

    Thanks guys, I'll give that a try. I don't think it's a particular incompatibility between the board and RAM because I tried two different boards and two different sets of RAM.
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    I'm stumped - help?

    It has been brought to my attention that the NB is on the CPU now so I'm betting that's the culprit. What a time to be alive.
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    I'm stumped - help?

    I'm building a rig for a VM lab and I cannot figure out what on earth is going on here. This is the first time I've been stumped in years. Any ideas? Specs: i5-6600k 16GB (4x4) Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400 Gigabyte GA-Z170M-D3H 500gb Samsung 850 EVO Corsair CX600 Corsair H100i Put it all...
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    $1,200 Machine for Making Untraceable Guns

    i think you will find that those who do not participate in "gun culture" (whatever that means) are the ones who make a big deal out of it. i don't understand why the US is the only country that gets accused of having these "cultures" with negative connotations. i suppose it could be worse. we...
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    The Reason Behind The Windows 10 Name

    This. Just because it says Windows 9 on the box doesn't mean they can't code around it on the back end. I don't believe it for a second.
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    Apple Building a $250M Data Center in Central Oregon

    how is the total cost to apple relevant, in any way, to how many jobs are created? 35 jobs were created where there could have been 0 jobs created. these are long-term sustainable jobs, unlike jobs created by the government. it's a friggin data center, they're expensive and don't require much...
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    Why Aren't There More Women in Tech?

    i know a few CISSP females that can bang with anyone in the field.
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    Great Logitech MX Keyboard & mouse combo -$54.99 - ends 3-19-12

    picked up 2 sets when 1saleaday had these for <$30 around christmas time. my favorite KB by far but you can find em much cheaper if you shop around.
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    Apple to Announce Plan for Its Huge Cash Balance

    not gonna happen. apple doesn't play the "give the customer an offer they can't refuse" game. their game is to offer something unique and charge out the ass for it. with all the bad press lately, it's probably going to be a PR stunt. my money's on a "steve jobs foundation" working on cancer...
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    Audio Technica ATH-M50S $141 shipped. [Warm]

    $129 is for a used unit. it's $159 for new, just like the OP said.
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    Thought SOPA Was Bad? Meet ACTA

    the intelligent conservative community has realized modern republicans are a front for the envisioned banana republic of america, when will the intelligent liberal community realize the same about modern democrats? if the intelligent people work together, we can elect someone who is actually...