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    Video Card Upgrade: GTX470?

    Thank you everyone for your opinions. Also thank you for considering my specific situation, as strange as it may be. I think at a minimum, we determined that a GTX460 and GTX470 are my options. While the price difference doesn't matter to me, I think I will go with the GTX460 because it runs...
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    Video Card Upgrade: GTX470?

    I'm still using a CRT, so max resolution would be 1600x1200, but I normally play games in 1280x960. power supply is a corsair hx520. (520w) 2GB RAM.
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    Video Card Upgrade: GTX470?

    I currently have an nvidia 8800GTS. It's ok, but I'd like to play crysis and some of the newer games at high quality settings. The GTX480 and GTX580 seem too expensive and too hot. Is a GTX470 a good card to go with? Would a GTX460 be a better idea? -Must be nvidia (lets not go into it)...
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    Printing from Vista to a Shared XP Printer

    Supposedly I could get this to work by following this procedure: Except the "A Windows logon credential" option is grayed out and not available. Awesome.
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    Printing from Vista to a Shared XP Printer

    I have an old HP deskjet 940c that worked fine as a shared printer when the client computer was windows xp. Now I got a new computer and the client computer is windows vista. I can easily get it print from the vista computer (I have to type in a user name and password when I add the printer)...
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    How to organize stuff on hdd

    Folder structure doesn't matter, do it however you want. There are defragmenting programs that can put certain files on the faster part of the drive though.
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    Everyone in here so we can straighten out the Seagate problem...

    lol that's what good scientists do. If you don't like the results of a poll, make sure to start asking people that will vote the way you want them to!
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - READ requirements in first post

    This won't impress anyone here, but I thought I would share. Corsair HX520 power supply RAID 5 Areca ARC-1210 four 1.5TB Seagate drives one 500GB Seagate drive 5TB advertised capacity. 4.55TB formatted capacity. All in windows xp 32-bit :)
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    Everyone in here so we can straighten out the Seagate problem...

    Four 1.5's from newegg. They were packaged fine, just the way I've always received them before. Multiple layers of bubble wrap with packing peanuts inside the box. I updated the firmware. They have been working fine for about a month.
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    So if you buy one hard drive, do you buy another for backups?

    I use RAID5 and then backup the important stuff to another drive. The "import stuff" is significantly smaller than everything else, so old small drives work fine.
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    Do you guys trust the Seagate 1.5 gig drives yet?

    I have four seagate 1.5's and they are working fine for now. They came with SD17 and I updated them to SD1A before I ever used them.
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    >2TB in Windows XP

    I guess I got lucky. :P
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    >2TB in Windows XP

    Well I've been using an Areca 1210 with four 1.5TB drives in RAID 5 in 32 bit windows xp for a few days now. The only issues I've had were with some really old hard drive benchmarking software. Either the block size or the total size is probably too big for them. Everything that I'll actually...
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    4.5TB RAID5 Array (Promise TX4310 and 4x 1.5TB Seagates)

    I have owned both. My experience has been exactly the opposite.
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    Seagate changes warranty from 5 year to 3 year on some models

    Seagates 5 year warranty was the thing that made them different from everyone else. too bad. :(