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    Work/Home Laptop

    What are you waiting for? Buy it! :) I suspect that many people are going to trash talk Lenovo for the whole superfish crap that they pulled which i can sympathize with, but their business line of laptops are Da Bomb. I own the T450s and couldn't be happier. It is the best laptop that I have...
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    Obedience School Sues Yelper For $65K Over Negative Review

    You must not have read the article, because she did NOT receive a refund. From the article: “In a nutshell, the services delivered were not as advertised and the owner refused a refund,” she wrote in her Yelp review, which has since been removed from the site. This is definately bullcrap...
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    i got the 1080 display (w/o the touch option) and the screens great (great viewing angles). as for the discreet gpu: meh, i don't plan on gaming on it. I'll listen to some music, movie/video watching (netflix, amazon and local content), work (i'll use it for when i'm on-call and out of the...
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    twas what i did with my thinkpad t450s (minus the linux install). i used microsoft's win8 media creation tool to create a bootable usb drive. as bad of thing for lenovo to do with that spyware/adware BS thing, i still love the thinkpads. i'm really loving my new thinkpad t450s. this is the...
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    Texting Woman Walks Into Path Of Train

    it's actually good that she survived, but bad that she didn't get more seriously injured. i was hoping that she would be seriously injured and she could be a message to all the other idiots that text while either walking (w/o paying attention) or driving.
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    You can, but it's been my experience that some computer manufacturers provide multiple peripherals/parts/components variations for a given model. example: the onboard ethernet and wifi might either be an intel or broadcom. the touchpad could be either a synaptic or eltech. etc... my...
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    I would boot the laptop at least once and take a screenshot of device manager. It'll make your job hunting for device drivers a little bit easier.
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    Corsair K70 Reviews on Amazon

    I'd like to chime in that I just picked up the K70. I like it so far, but I'm concerned about the LEDS for the capslock, numlock and scroll lock not liting up. I have this KB connected to my linux computer. Everything seems to be working (as can be expected since this kb isn't officially...
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    Lenovo Slapped With Lawsuit Over Superfish

    sigh... i'm kind of caught in a pickle here. I have always liked (maybe even loved) the build quality of the thinkpad laptops so I have a new Lenovo laptop on order. Right now, I'm not sure how I feel about this situation. I saw the list of laptops that lenovo preloaded the superfish...
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    soundcard for linux

    Is there a way to toggle between outputs (speakers/line-out and headphones)? Does anyone have any experience with the Asus Xonar U7?
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    soundcard for linux

    I have recently made the switch to Linux and now need a new soundcard. I still have the Asus Phoebus installed, but there's currently no support/drivers for it in Linux. As such, I'd like to get a new soundcard that will work in Linux and has a seperate headphone/control pod. (at the moment...
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    New Steam Early Access Guidelines

    I've never been a fan of the early access stuff. If I truly believe in the developer and want them to succeed/finish, I might offer a donation but I wouldn't want to actually try the game until it's done. My idea is that you can really only play a game so many times before you're bored with...
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    Why Marissa Mayer Is Still the Right CEO for Yahoo

    I'm going to go ahead and say what a lot of guys are thinking... I can't hate a woman that I would love to have sex with. Let's face it. Marissa Mayer is F'ing hot.
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    $5 Per Month For Beats Music?

    oh fuck no! Beats can eat my ass!
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    Is there a prepaid carrier with wifi calling?

    yep. Wifi calling will never be available on a unlocked/pure-aosp phone. the best and/or closest that you can get is by using google-voice with via hangouts (install the hangouts dials from the playstore)