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    Free Redbox rental, Paypal shipping reimbursement, Groupon 20% off!

    Thanks for the rental. Gotta long shift tomorrow so this will help a bit
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Thanks alot :) Now if I could just get home for some chill time
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Can I get the sun and moon please?
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    Lost Account Access and Passwords Changed

    Thanks for the help Kyle. Especially with that super fast reply
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    Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Sucks

    I've been playing Just Cause 2 alot on it, and even through Windows 10 No issues at all. Pretty comparable to 360. I've seen nothing but issues with Reach. Hope they fix that one soon. Gears of War hasn't messed up on me yet. I might play it some more later to see if i have same thing.
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Nothing too fancy, gets the job done for the most part. Game Room Mainly for the kids and sleepovers- Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU Gotta love Star Wars Living Room For the Adults Xbox One, PS4, PS3 (cant really see it) Wiring is pretty bad, haven't had a chance to fix it
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    Love that Street Fighter poster
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    Trying to recover data

    Ok i figured WD did something with that encryption. How irritating. I've only seen it on the big ones. I love recuva, that was the first thing i tried. Ill look into doing the quick format. I have about 24 power cords and none of em work.
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    Trying to recover data

    So i lost a drive last week full of all my Anime. Basically came up said failed SMART and i can't read anything off of it. Backup for that drive was a WD 2TB My Book that i can't seem to find the power cord for. So I took the drive out and plugged it in directly to the computer. (It's a WD...
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    The [H]ardOCP Mini-Giveaway Sponsored by ASUS

    Smaller is better because I have no space in this place
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    GTA Online players. Just want to play with a buddy of mine. Confused.

    One more thing, alot of people start off and don't like it because they are low level and get annoyed. I've spent more time online in this game than pretty much any other game even UT99. You just gotta go in there and be open minded, very defensive, and ready for anything really. Play the heck...
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    GTA Online players. Just want to play with a buddy of mine. Confused.

    To touch on the upgrades, yes, you have to play to unlock stuff. Especially car stuff. I've been playing for a pretty good while and have unlocked about 95% of the vehicle stuff. It takes time and patience. With heists, you should have no issues playing with him. Ensure you are at least level 12...
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    What new games are you hyped up for this year?

    I agree with you both. I've been spending alot of time on PS4 and 360 because PC has been down for a while. PC Gamer at heart. Kinda wanting to play BF Hardline, one of my buddies got it and said it's really good. Nothing really hypes me up anymore, everything kinda seems the same. Maybe it's...
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    Post Your Speedtest 2015

    Average i guess for morning and days, not my max. Nights its like 15-30 down. Still don't like Comcast though.
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    First Assassin’s Creed Movie to Hit Theaters in 2016

    I actually enjoyed that movie.