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    Court issues permanent injunction in Epic v. Apple case

    I am there right with you on exclusives (same for streaming)... Though I don't think "law" in the US can be justified to limit exclusives. It would have to be cultural behavior. Personally I just ignore exclusives. If the game is good, I can wait a year and get it on sale. Sometimes I...
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    GeForce NOW Open for All

    Wonder if those title restrictions will affect the steam/cloud integration (assume local would not be).
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    GeForce NOW Open for All

    Mentioned this in some Stadia threads... GeForce NOW game buys also gave steam keys (previously at least) providing additional value and some protection of your purchase if service goes away. They previously had local steam support which was pretty cool, the game would run on your pc and...
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Right now it looks like they are targeting "early adopters" (what ever that means to you), in reports they say in 2020 there will be a free no sub option. Which makes the full price purchasing similar to other storefronts. The monthly fee gets access to a free game (for the month?) and...
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    New Tariffs Target U.S. Board Games and Game Consoles

    But we do say that... every time we buy something "made in china" that costs less... We just don't think about it, at least at the time the decision is made (or we qualify it). It's not "hogwash", it's that people generally don't think beyond comparing $A with features A to $B with features B...
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    File Abnormality Causes Duplicate Tax Refunds

    Private companies (Banks, Hotels, Car Rental come to mind) do things like this all the time... Ever make an appointment/reservation and show up and it cam't be filled (for any numerous reasons), sometimes they will give you something but its nothing like the penalty applied to YOU if you don't...
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    File Abnormality Causes Duplicate Tax Refunds

    He is referring to taxes paid in over the year, and getting a refund of some of those dollars which do not include interest. This is very common idea, surprised you read their intent/meaning differently. That said, I would agree the tone and some attitudes to this is overblown/stated in...
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Was Paid $1 Million by EA to Stream 'Apex Legends'

    So you are saying there is 0 gameplay commentary or opinion during a stream? I am not a stream watcher so I don't know but I cannot see that happening. I assume part of the entertainment is the commentary and energy of the streamer which invariably will include opinion on quality/fun etc. So...
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Was Paid $1 Million by EA to Stream 'Apex Legends'

    Besides (the big) discussion on F2P $$$ and micro-transaction manipulation shenanigans... I don't really see the big issue with this... Good for him. Apex is a F2P game and people can at least give it a good try to make up their own mind without any cost. That said, his credibility should be...
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    Rotten Tomatoes Bans "Want to See" Score, User Comments before Films' Release

    Another case of people getting triggered and outraged. This has no liberal/conservative restriction other than what specifically triggers. Not review bombed but same principle, behavior. An actor made a very poorly worded comment about a completely different movie. I don't think it is...
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    Microsoft Fights Fake News with New Edge Browser Feature

    That is the rendering engine... I would assume they are building this to work on both engines.
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    Motorola Patent Hints at a Fullscreen Razr

    Will see hot the flexible screens hold up... I think this type of setup would be a legitimate use for the technology. Fits with the "thin is in" trend we are seeing as well, thin phones could lower their footprint going with the tried and true flip chassis. I personally would like a fatter...
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    The Department of Defense is Still Not Very Secure

    You could look into DSC... Not sure exactly the hurdles for a local only implementation but it might be helpful but rolling your own is certainly a viable option...
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    The Department of Defense is Still Not Very Secure

    First part is bull (at least about previous settings)... Most solutions to set and enforce settings are not a one time deal... GPO, DSC, SCCM etc have compliance enforcement in most default cases. Even if they do get reset, they will be set back automatically. New threats, no way around that...