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    RE-Building The House of RagE - AGAIN

    very clean setup, kind of supprised that you did not go with right angle SATA cables, might clean it up some, but when you are running 12 of them, that might not be a viable sollution.
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    K7 Thunder and Tiger Owners!

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Over!! 2cpu is a monster forum, not on the scale of {h} but still a great forum, and if you ask a question over there, you will get an answer. I know i read it more then i read [H], because the people over there are nicer, and alot less bs and drama goes on.
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    WarDriving + Web Browsing Laptop

    yes because you can tell what i am doing in my 1989 mercedes 200e (minor mods under hood (turbo, switch to diesel, 6sp vs 5sp trans 18inch tires vs 17) basicaly big black and fast, when i roll down your street at ~25 mph (or what ever the posted limite is (here it is normaly 30KmPH), or the fact...
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    Best case for under $100?

    there are a few cases from antec that have dual 120 or at least a single 120 in the rear, like the sonata (both old and new models) and the lanboy. Most cases come with shit psu, thats just the way it is, i have not found a single case that comes with a PCP&C psu, untill then i get my cases...
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    4 duallies so far

    1 tyan dual 246 opti 4 asus pc-dl's with dual 2.0 xeons (good sale on the chips) 1 dual P3 1.4 tully 1 asus pc-dl with dual 1.6 xeons 1 sorta dualy (ht) p4 (not quite but close :D)
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    Power supply for dual 2.8 and Geforce 6800 Ultra?

    it should have enough power, but make sure you get the correct model with the SSI connectors for your MB, it will make the board more stable. I know that they will run off of a ATX psu, but i had stability issues with my first pc-dl and then upgraded from 550watt ATX to a 550 SSI power supply...
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    Looking for a good Dual Xeon board

    talking as one that owns both the optis and xeons, i like the xeons a little bit more (and they are cheapre right now (intel less then amd go figure)) i curently use both Tyan and Asus mbs for my xeons the Tyan 7205 and the I875 powered boards, the Pc-Dl is cheaper but i needed the scsi for...
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    Funny [H] network pic; is this config even possible?

    i dont think so, becaue the top line is 100 connection speed the next down it 10, i have not seen/read about a router/hub/switch that will show both the 100 and 10 as active for any reason. but you could just re-wire the leds to do that at the flick of a switch but you would need an extra row...
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    Printer for Tyan K8's????

    arnt most printer either LPT (read parralle) or USB or Network driven, and if so why does the lack of a COM (read serial) port mater at all?
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    Favorite Reservoirs

    you do see that the "just a verticle tube thats got a cap" is connected to a T fitting, and is what most people would call a t line, and with its placement, it would fill the sysetm fine, would a res fill/bleed faster sure, but it does have a t line.
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    Using a WiFi hotspot illegal?

    if you think that theft of services is a non-issue, get a 2.4ghz cordless phone, and search of a channel that is open with dial tone, with out hooking up your base station, and yes you can do this, because my home phone works great with my buddies base station, (different apt but same complex)...
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    Using a WiFi hotspot illegal?

    Unless you have express permission, in most cases written permission, it can be considered Theft of Services, not by the owner, but by the provider (i.e. att/mci/us-west/roadrunner). Now you might have a way out, if the wireless access point is named something to the effect that it is open...
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    Painted my Shuttle again....

    and this is in the SMP section why?
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    Dual processor boards.

    if you wnat to buy from a great company, that will ship APO look to either or I have orderd items from them both in that past, and they ship to my APO all the time with out any problems.
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    Whoa! one of the Fins broke off of my Zalman

    one of the copper fins? an ALU fin? or one of the fan blades?