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    Rovio’s Follow-up to Angry Birds: Amazing Alex

    Evolution, not revolution. Whatever they do to make it better than its predecessor is a win in my book. Yes, I'm old enough to remember TIM (which I happened to play in elementary school), but there's really no need to hate. As long as there's anything at all new to the table, it should be fun.
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    Why Linux on the Desktop Is Dead

    No offense to Linux users, but I feel the problem with some of them, is that they're evangelical. As such, their actions have spurred opposing evangelism on the Windows side (fight fire with fire, etc.). Windows XP (in my honest opinion), was a terrible OS, but we lived with it despite all of...
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    Diablo III Won't Have PvP Features at Launch

    That's quite hilarious, considering that Diablo 1 / 2 storylines were shit. The only thing good to ever come out of the Diablo series is a loot-based game with a decent skill system.
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    SimCity V (2013) - screens/artwork and information

    I think you guys are mistaken when you say the original SimCity 4 wasn't great, but that the community made it great. Make no mistake. The original SimCity 4 was EPIC, not in the amount of content that it had, but in its entire simulation engine, all of the variables that made it into a complex...
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    Theoretical Question: CLI Argument Passing

    The intermediate classes don't need any of the arguments, let me think about this one. Thanks.
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    Theoretical Question: CLI Argument Passing

    In this case, some arguments would be processed right away, but there are also some arguments that aren't processed right away. The problem is that you might have a big application that does many things, which wraps many small classes that do a single thing. If I take your idea and parse all...
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    Theoretical Question: CLI Argument Passing

    I know I used object oriented programming as a context, but the REAL context is actually TCL programming (this variable cannot change, unfortunately) with iTcl. Interfaces aren't really a TCL abstraction, but you can emulate some features of an interface with a data-less class (though it's not...
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    Theoretical Question: CLI Argument Passing

    If you were to do that, it would look something like this? class B { private int argc; private char** argv; public void execute() { // do something C* obj = new C(...); obj->passAlong(argc, argv); } public void passAlong(int argc, char** argv)...
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    Theoretical Question: CLI Argument Passing

    Let's say I have an entry point to my application, and it's a main() procedure in class A. The class A does some work, creates an instance of class B, and the instance of B does some work and creates an instance of class C, and so on... D, E, F, until some class K. Basically, I'm about 10...
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    Digital currency to be UK's Leading Spending Method by 2016

    Tips are not the solution. You can begin by getting restaurants and bars to pay their employees properly and raise food / service prices accordingly. What you're essentially implying is mandatory tipping. If it's mandatory, just put it in the price, FFS.
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    Company Stores Your Social Networking Slipups for 7yrs

    Perfectly called for, if you ask me... ...though, I guess you aren't asking me. ;)
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    Anonymous: Don't Challenge Us NATO

    I'm not sure if you have anything to back up your claims, to be honest. If I could hazard a guess, you don't even know who's behind what operations, but have been happily slurping down the media cool-aid.
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    Taliban on Twitter?

    Americans: always trying to bomb or invade a country.
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    CEO Pay in 2010 Jumped 11%

    Fair would be where CEOs and executives actually have risk and not just reward for the type of position that they command. As it is, assuming 80K is a good base salary with little risk (except that you might get fired for doing a crappy job). If you do well, you get 80K, if you do poorly, you...