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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Magnets on a case? near your hard drives? magnets are bad mmkay?
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    looks like a smart tv
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    Post your Workstation 2012

    I've got the same case for my car-pc build. has everything you need to learn more, good starting point!
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    Wondering the exact same thing!
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    iBook G4 HDD Replacement hell

    i upgraded mine to 100gig with that guide. Time consuming but glad I had it for reference.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

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    Post your "computer-with-a-lot-of-HDDs" here

    Not quite 5 power supplys..only 3...they are daisy-chained together. Just a little something for mp3'
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    Two Powersupplys in one case?

    Or daisy chain 3 together with some hard drives and uh...nevermind.. :)
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    Dual 3.5" VFD

    Matrix-Orbital makes some nice ones too.
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    Post pics of LCD screens in your case! they still Ebay them it looks like...
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    Post pics of LCD screens in your case!

    I believe it wasn' Anyways I used a 5" LCD i got from Parts Express which I don't believe they sell anymore. I had to place the controller board in the floppy drive cage but other then that I just stuck it in there with double sided tape. I ran an rca cable out the back of the case...
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    Post pics of LCD screens in your case!

    Hope it shows up.
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    Post your Workstation Pics

    damn...dual lian-li's and triple lcds. I was thinking you were gonna take pics with your 5 mega-pixel digital That's my dream setup though, I'm jealous as hell
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    Looks like Samurize.