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  • I'm currently seeing around 65-70c on my top card and about 60-65c on the bottom in Dragon Age, both with the fans on Auto. Other games typically hover around those same temps from what I remember. I also play with VSync on so they don't create extra heat reproducing extra frames.

    My case has like 8 fans providing airflow though. It's a Corsair 450D with the drive cage mounted under the 5.25 bays. I have 2 corsair 120MM from a busted H100 on the bottom pulling in air. 2 Corsair AF140s in the front pulling in air. 3 Corsair SP120 Quiets on the top. 2 pulling air in, 1 pushing out. And another SP120 Quiet pushing air out the rear. CPU Cooler is just a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo with 2 Corsair SP120 High performance fans. I went with all the fans in an effort to move more air but quieter. At the settings I have, all 8 are barely audible and acually will turn off if nothing is going on.
    Hey Curl

    I saw a post of your system in the rig thread. I noticed you are running 2x asus r9 290 dc2. May I ask what temps you are getting on those cards and the fan speeds used? I've been testing out an asus 290x dc2 paired with an asus 290 dc2 in a phanteks enthoo luxe case (with a few added case fans) and can't seem to get the temps where I want them. There are 2 slots between the cards. I set the 290x on bottom and 290 on top. Fans at 60% (which is relatively loud) produces good temps on bottom card 70 but top card was getting up into mid 80s during my testing. Just curious how you are able to manage heat :)
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