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    4690K still worth using?

    I got the upgrade itch and just recently upgraded two systems, one running a 4770k and another running a 4790k. Went with a 8700k for one system and a 2700x for the other. Honestly I can't tell any difference between the old systems and the new ones in every day usage at all. Don't think it's...
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    EVGA removes guest RMA *Update: Both USA & Europe removed guest RMA. Harder to check warranty now.

    just noticed last update from EVGA_Lee on reddit: So payment invoice from your second hand purchase counts according to him....
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    eBay 15% sitewide May 4th 8am - 4pm PST

    Couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy yesterday. Then a part in one of our 3d printers crapped out last night....could’ve saved 100. Oh wells.
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    eBay is at it again! 15% Off any purchase via the eBay App!

    they changed it to all day.
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    DSL modem

    For the OP I would stay away from that technicolor. He would be paying for features that wouldn't apply to him like voip/hpna/etc. It would be able to support bonded service but from the looks of it that option isn't available. If you're truly trying to load balance two lines I would just stick...
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    Hard drive backup over WiFi kills the connection

    They are, the Frontier version with the latest update was suppose to correct the issue....they're still garbage though. For the OP, I would suggest investing in your own router, the ones currently in use by Frontier aren't very good.
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    Insane DSL speeds - 170-245Mbps! How could this be possible?

    If the telcos could push those speeds on twisted pair don't you think they would? It's a physical limitation with dsl. I'm not sure what you're seeing on your speedtest results but there's no way its possible when you're 6k ft from a CO. Even if you were being fed from a remote site/remote...
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    glad I unloaded my 980ti's a month ago, going to wait for the the ti version.
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    Add a DSL line

    You would pretty much need to run a line(cat5e) from that NID to your garage. The rest depends on if it's going to be a shared line with POTs service or just a dry dsl loop and if you have an alarm system (It currently looks like its wired for the alarm system). Is this going to be a self...
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    Intel Retail Edge Holiday Deal 2015

    Did your email address change?
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    network issue

    Thanks guys, issue was resolved after a new linux/samba setup.
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    network issue

    It's not showing up in explorer, I can manually type in the address and that'll allow me to get to the shared folders. We thought that was ok but the issue were having is all of our CAD/CAM, 3D printers, water jet and laser milling software license dongles are connected to computer B(our...
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    network issue

    They're all accessed by name, and the two computers can ping each other fine. all the other computers can read/write to A without issue and file sharing is enabled on it.
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    network issue

    I'm having issues between two computers on our small office network. We have around 40 devices on the network, network sharing works fine on all devices but 2. So computer A can see/modify files on computer B but computer B can't see computer A on the network at all. Both computers A and B have...