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    Is this HTPC Overkill?

    Christ, that's a waste of money. You're main problem is that you're trying to use a 360 as a steaming device and then trying to extrapolate from that what you need in an HTPC to actually get the job done. The system you have now, the P4 sucks when it comes to this stuff. What's happening is...
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    Apple Blames Everyone Else For High Australian Prices

    All I can say is wow. You'd think there would be more informed people around here.... It's the same reason why prices for the same thing are higher around the world. Do you think the Japanese gamers like paying $80 for video games? How about someone looking to get a new video card in Germany...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I'm really excited that this is moving forward, I can't wait to actually order one.... which I hope is soon cause I need to get a new case pretty soon here. :)
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I threw in some cash. Hopefully you guys get it off the ground. I would love to have this case (I'm currently back to using mATX)
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    M1 Tardis cause it's bigger on the inside then it looks. ;) lol
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    Join the Alliance -- the Socket 939 Alliance!

    I turned mine into an HTPC. The other one is a media server
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    [Project]: Big Bro' Prodigy (Extreme BitFenix Prodigy mod)

    Where will the power supply go?
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    Skipping the receiver -- Am I going to regret this?

    This. PCs are designed for audio capture and not regular audio playback. You want to make this as easy as possible and running everything through the PC will require you to setup some kind of capture software each time for both audio and video depending on your source and that doesn't even take...
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Personally, I'd like to see some enthusiast DTX boards that also use stacked sodimm slots instead of the regular stuff. There's some plenty fast sodimm memory out there with very little markup over the regular desktop and it it's stacked it could lead to slightly smaller room to work with.
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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    I really wish they would make more boards like that! Can't wait to see your next designs!
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    Silverstone vs nMediaPC for HTPC?

    Out of those two cases, I'd go with the Silverstone. If considering other cases then, I still might pick the Silverstone but I do have a few that come to mind.
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    help finding single slot GTX 650 ti

    There is no such thing. Nvidia has let their partners decide how to make the 650's and they decided to make the Ti pin compatible with the 650's PCB. The point is is that you won't find a retail version of the reference card since they were only made to show off to their partners and for...
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    help finding single slot GTX 650 ti

    I've got an oldish Thermalright V1 Ultra that I was planning on using for my 650 Ti. Cut the PCI bracket to a single slot and trim down the fins on the Ultra just a tad to make it a single slot. I was planning on doing that but I needed a card with the PCIe plug facing up and the only 2gig card...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti

    I've got one and I have it OCed to a stable 1176 on the GPU and 1601 on the mem side. At that speed it beats my friend's 470GTX in pretty much any game I've tried it with. It seems to be a little bit behind another friend's 7850 as well. The 7850 is clearly faster but the Ti handles it's self...