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    Dear Nvidia,

    The bots who took all the 3080's and kept you from getting one may have done you a favor. Insta buying a 3080 before waiting on benchmarks from the other 3XXX or even worse before RDNA2 is shown next month is just as crazy as buying a 2080/2080ti in the last 90 days. I get some people are...
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Best Buy just added two MSI 3080's including the Ventus for $750 if anyone needs. That's at 11:30 mountain.
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    microcenter in Marietta had 12 cards sold like vapor

    Denver had 30+ this morning but a line all the way down the shopping center. I stopped counting at 100 people in line. I know a BB here got 2 in stock and they went to employees. I don't get the launch day rush.
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    Ok so what do you guys really think of the 3080 reviews?

    Call a majority of us gun shy but we have heard that from AMD and "reliable" AMD sources before. From Hawaii to now, AMD always seems to be behind NV especially at the top tier. Don't get me wrong, I would love AMD to smack NV around like in the past. Just won't hold my breath or get excited...
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    PSA: Measure Twice - Order Once

    Get a riser cable, zip ties, a hot glue gun, and mount that shit vertical. Problem solved and you are gaming in 20. :)
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    Ok so what do you guys really think of the 3080 reviews?

    Alphacool just stated their Eiswolf and Eiswolf 2 can handle the 3080 and 3090 TDP. Only the full block Aurora is available now but the Eiswolf pump/block are due in the next few days.
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    Anyone who panic sells the 2XXX series now deserves the hit they take. We don't even know 3XXX availability and if there is a shortage you will find 2XXX creep back up in pricing. Look at the 1080ti card pricing. It initially slumped then shot back up when you couldn't find 2080 or 2080 Ti cards.
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    3080Ti speculation

    Since NV is trying to streamline their product naming I don't see a Ti fitting in. What I do think will happen is super or refreshed models hitting in 9 months or so. This will also help combat RDNA2 if needed.
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    Are you going for reference Big Navi/RTX 3xxx or waiting for AIB offers?

    I will go with whatever is fastest in my budget. Actual numbers not leaks. At this point I don't have a ton of hope from Big Navi, just due to constantly being let down by AMD, but lets see what the actual benches say.
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    Mafia: Definitive Edition

    Can't wait for 1 and 2 to be remastered. Two of my favorite games.
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    Weird flicker in Control after hour of play on 2080 Ti.

    Is it only in Control you noticed the flickering? Any other games?
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    Tech Jesus goes on a tear about size.

    Never took him for a size queen.
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    Rtx 2080 Super Waterforce Aorus or 2080 Ti ?

    For 1440p a super will be more than fine and same with the 9700K, At 1440p the GPU becomes the bottleneck. I run a 9700K at 5.1 and have zero issues with my Ti. 3700X would also work just fine.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    Exactly! Like heroin or buying latest gen halo GPUs. It's not a problem, it's a luxury. :) Unfortunately both lead to uncomfortable sit downs with your family. Back on topic. It is still all rumors and speculation. Once the cards are in the wild then we will know the truth.