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    MSI P55-GD65 8 pin JPW1 with 4 pin PS

    Thanks Bill for your reply. I guess I should have started this thread in the power supply section. I double checked and I have a Antect TPII-550 but I decided to go ahead and upgrade to a Corsair TX750 since the Antec might be underpowered for a i5/i7. Wont be overclocking so should be...
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    MSI P55-GD65 8 pin JPW1 with 4 pin PS

    I havent upgraded in about 5 years and today I noticed the CPU power needs an 8 pin connection but my Antec PS has only a 4 pin. Old threads from a few years ago say it is fine to plug the 4 plug into the socket however Im wondering if the i5 and i7 really need whatever the 8 pin gives. Do...
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    Lots of BSOD may lead to new i5 or i7 build

    Two fold question: Recently Ive been getting BSOD every time I try to copy a file to another device, such as copying to an external HDD or even streaming file to my xbox xbmc. Sometimes will get BSOD right after a reboot. This machine has been in use for about 5 years so I cant really...
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    what 'old school' game would you like to see a sequel or new version?

    Would love to see sequels to Magic Carpet X-Wing Alliance Drakan Shogo and mostly Wings of Glory
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    Connect HTPC to AV Receiver

    How is the Onkyo 605? I was thinking of that one also. Thinking of pairing that with an Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD when they are available.
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    Games you wish they'd make a sequel to?

    I`d love to see these sequels: WOG (Wings of Glory) Mechwarrior X-Wing:Alliance Magic Carpet Agree on AVP3 too!
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    Please no more aliens in crysis 2!!

    I really enjoyed Crysis but I have to say most of the fun I had was before the aliens showed up. I had a blast with Farcry but the Trigens also kind of blew it for me. So I am really looking forward to Farcry 2 because it will not have monsters or aliens. Im quite sick of games that have...
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    What's your opinion of Darkfall Online?

    AND you can be an elf, dwarf, ork in a fantasy setting!! Finally, I cant wait!
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    What do you plan on playing next month and why?

    #1 Farcry 2 - enjoyed Farcry and Crysis and finally a non-war FPS without any frickin aliens and/or monsters. Stories with aliens/monsters are getting tired imo. however.. #2 Fallout 3 - i loved Wasteland and Fallout, and Bethesda usually delivers
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    Be cheap, stay 939?

    Im in the exact same boat you are. I just bought the 8800GT because the 6800GT died and was thinking of what to do for upgrades and had the same question. Hope someone has a good opinion for us. :)
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    Ive got the random on and off also. The weird thing is that it only happens when I have a large window open on the right side of my LCD. The screen goes completely black when there is any large window on the right side. If I move it (by guessing where the mouse is) to the left the display...
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    Cisco queueing with priority percentage

    Im not sure if Im configuring my policy-map correctly using the "bandwidth remaining percent" config. Assuming Ive got an access line of 1984K and the following policy-map: policy-map qos-serial-out class qos_routing bandwidth remaining percent 5 class qos_voice priority...
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    New games based on DOOM3's Engine...

    That would be good. Lately I have really grown tired of fps games that use horror, monsters, aliens for plot. I would like to see more games like SOF or NOLF etc.
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    TGIF: Much needed!!!

    Ill be finally finishing up Thief: Deadly Shadows and putting in some time on Eve Online. I got a bunch of games that I seem to start and not finish. Im not allowing myself to buy any new games until I finish the ones I bought already. :p
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    chronicles of riddick sucks bad

    I loved the game also, even better than HL2 imo. I didnt get the shimmering effects but Ive since updated my gfx card drivers so Ill try it again tonight and see if they appear. I thought the engine did a great job. If you can get rid of the shimmering I think you might enjoy the game. I...