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    Project Arclight

    Wow, very nice...definitely keeping an eye on this one.
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    Project: Honeycomb

    Such an amazing project already! Definitely following. :)
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    Project: Ventchat

    I want to apologize for not having more available to post, I do still intend to get this project finished but I have been dealing with some serious marital issues over the last few days and case modding (obviously) needs to take a back seat. I know that this update is not required of me but...
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    Project: Ventchat

    Project: Ventchat Hello everyone, I can't believe I'm finally getting off my a$$ and getting to work on my next case's been far to long. This project holds a lot of meaning as it's not only my first project since my Shuttle bit the dust but also the first case mod I've done that is...
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Count me in, gotta love XFX for their warranty alone. :)
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    This is looking simply outstanding so far and Hybrid...I'm sorry if you think it matters how much money you throw at a mod, some of the most classy and groundbreaking stuff I've seen has come out of builds that were much more budget oriented. I give coolmiester credit for the original take on...
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    Project : Toxicity

    Similar to my idea of a custom reservoir that I use AS the top window in the case...can't wait to see.
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    Project HELIOS - Invocation Begins 10.01.10

    The uniqueness of this project has caught my interest...eagerly awaiting updates. :)
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    Project: EVGA Classified SR-2 Case

    Definitely can't wait to see the aluminum fab get underway. You've peaked my interest already. :)
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    Project : Toxicity

    Awesome idea hiding the Res behind the drive you clear access to it if needed.
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    [Build Log] water-cooled build: "Most Unoriginal 800D"

    I'm not sure I would have even noticed right away, would have looked a lot nicer had they both ended up being the grey/nickel plated version. Are you able to return it? I know I'd probably be willing to take a re-stocking fee hit if it meant straightening it out.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    I made the same change with the mini P180 that my wife is now using, if you only need a single hard drive and optical drive it's more then worth it to yank those things...shame on Antec for not letting us install the intake fans with the drive cages in place. :(
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    In my opinion it would be GREATLY worth the time and adding/modifying holes in the back of the case as subtle as those should pose no real threat or negative side effects. The main thing is that you realize there's remaining potential for the build and it's up to you to ease into the...
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    Cry, that is probably one of the cleanest LiLi builds I've seen in awhile...and considering I'm not a fan of the case that's saying a lot! :p I completely understand the practicality of the PSU extender but it looks as out of place as an external radiator IMO, completely justified in your...
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    Project: EVGA Classified SR-2 Case

    This is something I did NOT expect to see...such a crazy amount of time and effort going into this...and it shows! Keep it up man. :)