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    Atrix is a sales flop

    I wouldn't say it's a huge flop....the biggest issue for the Atrix anyways is that AT&T refuses to promote Android handsets. When the Droids came out for Verizon they did such huge marketing campaigns it would be a shame if those didn't sell well. Anyways I think the phone is pretty good but...
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    iPhone Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Other Smartphones

    You can't say that the perception most Apple users have of the company and it's products doesn't effect these types of surveys. It could be totally deserved but the perception by the general public that Apple makes flawless products carries over through their users more so than any other...
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    I hate Cyanogenmod!!!

    As much as I feel everyones pains none of these custom ROMs are guaranteed to work on your phone. Every single one of them has issues. The #1 thing when trying such things IMO is making 100% sure you have a way to get back to where you were before you start. Hope you figure out your issues...
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    Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent, RapidShare and More?

    I really could care less of it doesn't come up in Auto-complete. The search function itself still functions exactly as before.......not sure why everyone is getting all butt hurt over it, I rarely use autocomplete anyways.
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    Why Android?

    As an Android user and some might say sort of a "Fanboy" I will be as objective as I can with a simple answer. : Try things for yourself!! I LOVED and still LOVE my Nexus One....fantastic phone in lots of ways. My new Nexus S is better in many ways except it sucks at GPS and I don't like...
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    Italy Classifies YouTube as TV Station

    Glad everyone is judging italians by the choices of a few in their government..........I guess the actions of the US government defines all of us :/
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    What is so special about the white iphone 4?

    Nothing. :) When it comes to certain electronics though, rational thinking doesn't apply. Just so happens that for many Apple products this is the case :P ZING! haha jk
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    Androids frangmented userbase a nightmare for developers?

    Fragmentation isn't Androids problem, especially right now. More than 75% of the userbase is either on 2.1 or 2.2. The way these articles talk about the make-up level customizations and how they are part of the fragmentation is ludicrous. I would even say the fragmentation white horse most of...
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    Re-skinning Android

    For Metamorph I have taken already made skins and modified the files within the package....I think its a good place to start. The Metamorph packages are simply rebranded zip files so they are easy to open up and edit....just look for all the image files :)
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    Re-skinning Android

    It is absolutely possible...but a bit involved. I don't know how to do it personally but I am sure the developers/programmers out there on Android could help out with where to start. I would say start at XDA and go from there.
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    Froyo Unified Inbox

    You can have a unified inbox if you use the "Email" client for your emails. There is no unified inbox within Gmail itself. This doesn't include FB, SMS etc etc. I think I have seen some of the custom builds (Sense, Samsung etc) that have something like what you are talking about. There...
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    Froyo for HTC Incredible today?

    The 3 friends I have in SF that have incredibles all said they god their updates today...just a heads up :)
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    How much data do you use monthly?

    Now that I use Wifi Hotspot on my Android quite often I would say I am in the 6-7GB range a month. Good thing my phone is on a nice corporate plan though :)
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    Post your mobile device homescreen/wallpaper

    We did start a "Droid Homescreen" thread But as it is kinda dead now I am more than happy to contribute again :) I have a new setup now, but my theme doesn't work on Cyan RC3 so I will post my RC2 shots. My icons are in completely random spots...
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    Work network issue with Android

    Android has always had difficulties with networks that require special permissions or certificates. Basic security protocols are fine but I have found that any network with that requires a certificate or special permissions as it seems the one you are trying don't work. I don't believe this...