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    Refurb - Acer GD245HZ 23.6" 120hz 3D LCD - $189.99

    BEST deal on a monitor at this time, If I didn't have my Alienware 24" 120hz I would be all over that. Anyone see a reason to do 3x120hz monitors? =)
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    Westinhouse LVM-37w3 refurb $329 NO SHIPPING OR TAX/CA fees for Californian [H]ard!

    I was the 5th on Mif's list but SOLD OUT =P Thanks for doing this man, wish I could of gotten on on it.
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    Buying a notebook ASUS-G50V, HP-dv5t, Gateway-7811FX or Saget

    I am going to pick up the G50V-X1, I just got done playing on the G50V-A2 at Nvidia's Lan party Nvision. These were the tournament systems. For $500 isnt worth the extra Drive option. Just thinking of battery life as well. 2x7200rpms = maybe an hour? Played COD4 and TF2 fine at...
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    Going FAST: Spy Sunglasses $15 + shipping USA only code for $5 more off: nfinsider
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    Free Copy of SnagIt 7.2.5

    I dont see where you can reg at
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    Looking for a N-I-C-E Fan Controller 5.25 bay

    that doesnt look like a 5.25 bay tho =\ Also I dont see how its $25 more then the 1/4 bay. looks like the total price is $22.50
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    Looking for a N-I-C-E Fan Controller 5.25 bay

    Think this one would work? EDIT:
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    Looking for a N-I-C-E Fan Controller 5.25 bay

    I am just looking for some websites so I can continue looking around. I have seen few on different sites but nothing I want to put into my system yet the closet I have come too is Thermaltake XCONTROLLER but the reviews on it...
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    LTB Oragne LED 120mm Fans

    ok where do then? :cool:
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    LTB Oragne LED 120mm Fans

    I have tired my norm shops newegg, zipzoom, Tigerdirect, clubit, coolerguys, coolermaster, Frozencpu, not able to find anything. I am looking to get something like this. or maybe something a little different Never heard of AC Ryan Blackfire4 fans, I hope some of you guys have...