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  • Hi,

    Quick question on your PE2900, I've been looking at picking one up or a T7400 to use for an ESXi/Unraid setup. What's your experience been with the 2900, overkill? How bad is the power draw/noise etc? Any issues with ESXi compatibility?

    I have an M1015 that I managed to clear the firmware and bios from, using megarec. But on my X9SCM-F-O, I'm unable to flash using sas2flash, both DOS and EFI versions. The LEDs on the M1015 don't light up, and megarec doesn't see the card anymore. I've tried the card in a few other systems with no luck. Kind of in the same boat as Kristof (http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1707023). I'll try it in a few other systems this weekend. If no luck after that, would you be able to help with this?
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