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    I quit gaming.

    After having kids I've had almost zero time for games. I'll still fire up CS:GO for an hour or two with a few cold beers after everyone goes to sleep, but it's pretty rare.
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    games that were on your school computers

    Early days: Kid Pix Studio (not really a game, but hella fun) Oregon Trail Lemmings Dr Riptide Meavis Beacon teaches typing Later days (HS): (We had a tech teacher who was awesome and hosted "computer club" after school on thursdays. Basically just a LAN party on school PCs every week, then we...
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    How much RAM you got?

    I've got 12Gb in my rig, but it's an older rig. Still runs fine for me, but next rig will probably be 32Gb
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    GOAT of Duty

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    Cherry MX Browns Too Loud For Office?

    I do a lot of phone interviewing, and my browns were distracting. Now I have two keyboards sitting on my desk, one with browns for when I'm just working alone, and an apple keyboard for when I'm on the phone
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    “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money”

    "Amazon Go basically combines a library with a Starbucks." wait.... what? Amazon Go has nothing to do with Books or Coffee? Also.. the Forbes link is dead now.
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    8TB for $14

    In for one
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    I feel like this is a dumb question - POE injector question

    You should be fine to put the poe injector at the switch end as long as your total cable run isn't over 300'
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    Passive Network Tap

    What gear are you running currently? Can you setup a span / monitor port on the existing firewall / router? Or build one like this: hak5 also has one available for cheap:
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    Player unknown Battlegrounds

    Bought this today after a few friends convinced me to. Played about an hour and a half tonight. It seems fun, but I get bored sitting around waiting so I start running around, then I get shot in the face. Seems fun, but I'm not sure how much time I'll spend playing. In my hour and a half I think...
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    UPS Pre-orders 125 Tesla Electric Semi-trucks, Largest Order Yet

    125 in a fleet of 108,000+. bit of a piss in the ocean, eh? "Over 108,000 package cars, vans, tractors, motorcycles, including more than 8,500 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles" sauce
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    Microsoft Edge Now Available for iOS and Android

    The fact that MS thought it was a good idea to throw Dev hours at this says a lot about their business.
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    After you're done turning the universe into paperclips...

    I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's kind of fun.