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    3950x build, help me decide between these boards WITH POLL!!

    Im torn between the Hero and the Asrock Phantom Gaming X..same dilemma or
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    WTB : Outer Worlds Epic key for $25

    if that falls could always just pick up Xbox game pass for a buck. game is on there.
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    WTB Intel 1150 CPU

    I also have a 4790K from a recent son upgrade as well...sell it with the Motherboard though Gigabyte Gaming 7, 8 gigs ram(Not sure on the Brand) with the coolermaster 212 Cooler and a 128gb m.2 ssd installed on the MB already....only thing is..package deal..wont break it up. 250 Shipped. My...
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    WTB: basic cheap nvidia graphics card

    why not get a card from Evga Bstock? lots of low power nvidia cards under 50 bucks.
  5. Col_Hogan $20/year includes VPN

    Signed up a new account..thanks for this.
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    Overpowered i7 Laptops, gtx 1060 6GB (Insane DEALS). 15inch (16gb, $799) and 17inch (32GB, $999)

    not as great..but 250 bucks limited stock in store only.
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    got a free key from GMG VIP giveaway..OPERATION FLASHPOINT 2 DRAGON RISING gone to Troisanh. also have 2 keys for CoH2 Western Front DLC. any takers?
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Most likely seeing multipls for 6-7 bucks.
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    EVGA 450W & 500W BR 80+ Bronze power supplies, $20 and $30 shipped

    I also just ordered 2..36 bucks Shipped. If you goto EVGA's site and use thier Power Meter gives you a 20% off coupon to use on any of thier Power Supplies. Coupon is good for a Month. Its Detailed in this Thread...
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    Official Prime Day Thread

    Also, Bought a New case for my LAN rig..for 29.99 EVGA DG-73..Seemed like a nice case..for 30 bucks.
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    Official Prime Day Thread

    add it to your cart..then the price will reflect the 380 some tax..came out to 410 for me.
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    Official Prime Day Thread

    EVGA 1070 TI FTW2 for 380 bucks..super awesome deal
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    Official Prime Day Thread

    Just Bought Crucial MX500 !tb SSD for 155. also picked up a Seagate Firecuda...
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    Celeron G540

    If you put your ad/free stuff here..I garuntee it will be taken fast.
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    WTB: Q77 motherboard

    How about a Asus Maximus V Gene for say 80 bucks shipped. its Currently in a backup backup LAN rig..that I used one time for a LAN. still have the Box and all accessories. LMK