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    IDE PCI Controller, SATA on Mobo

    holy thread revival batman! I went out and bought a new one for ~ 30 bucks. well, that was sometime back in december 2006. i've got several 500gb sata2 drives running the show now and all the ide's sitting around for mobile usb back up. you can find all the drivers and manual online. good...
  2. C invites

    i'd like to give it a shot... anyone with an invite mind shooting one my way? cmosdos <at> gmail <dot> com
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    HP Notebooks any good?

    another thumbs up here as well. i've owned dell, ibm, and hp laptops. ibm is my fav, but when it comes down to price and what you get for the money, hp has 'em both beat. unfortunately i've had to deal with customer service from all 3 vendors. fortunately, however, i've had pleasant...
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    Best way to test memory stability? Link to file?

    haven't run it yet, but it's from microsoft so it must be good, right? :D
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    One Free Joost Invite

    joost me please! very nice! cmosdosatyahoodotcom
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    Running Vista Without Activation For 1 Year

    Doesn't this also mean that security/feature updates will not be available to download? Unless I understand wrong, you have to activate in order to receive these updates (I'm not talking about other tools available out there to activate). I wouldn't want to run my machine for 1+ years...
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    Official Moola Invites Thread

    I have 5 invites available. PM me your email addy and I'll send right away.
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    Free Schick Quattro Razor *going again*

    looks like this might be dead? site isn't loading...
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    Mobile Web Version?

    As I sit here surfing the forum on my Treo 700w, I can't help but wonder if there is a mobile web version available? I've tried searching for something but haven't had any luck. Is there such a thing or will there be in the future? If not, is there a portal site out there I can go through...
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    DVD-R and Lightscribe

    Does DVD-R with Lightscribe even exist? I see CD-R and DVD+R everywhere but I can't find any -R?
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    Free Remote Desktop program? When you sign up it gives you a trial period for the 'pro' version but after that it reverts to the free version. Ten times better than windows remote desktop and you can access it from any PC through HTTP connection. Great if you don't have admin rights or need access from...
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    1gb+1gb - add 512+512?

    Curently running (2) 1gb chips. There are 4 slots on the mobo (two blue, two black). The 1gb's are in the blue. I have two 512mb chips that I was thinking to put into the black slots to give me 3gb total. Is it worth it to do this for the extra memory or will I see any loss in speed? No...
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    SATA Optical Drives

    Not sure I agree with you guys... I have an LG GSA-H30L. It's SATA and it also does LightScribe.
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    IDE PCI Controller, SATA on Mobo

    My custom built died and I really didn't have time to wait for parts or fix it (don't know what's not working in it yet). I went out and bought an HP 1640n. It doesn't have IDE on the mobo, only SATA. Running a 250gb on that. I put a CMD-648 PCI Controller in to hook up my hard drives to...
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    Looking for a good scanner

    I don't need an all-in-one machine. In fact, I'm not going to be printing these on my printer anyways. I'll have them sent out to a lab. As for memory, not an issue. I have more HD space and memory than is needed (I work with very large files on a daily basis). Also, I will be burning the...