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    Intel NUC Skull Canyon i7 BNIB NUC6i7KYK1

    I have a Brand New Sealed in Box Intel NUC Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK1 Intel's website states warranty valid until 10/12/2022 $525 Shipped
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    **SOLD** ThreadRipper 2990WX Aorus X399 Pro 64GB Ram EK-Supremacy EVO Waterblock

    My Buddy built this system for a customer that bailed. The SSD's I pulled showed 3 hours power on time. -ThreadRipper 2990WX - Aorus X399 Pro Motherboard all SSD Screws and case cable organizer included. -EK-Supremacy Evo Waterblock -Trident Z 64GB RGB Memory 3000mhz CL15 I ran about 10...
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    Phanteks Dual 1200w Power Supply

    Just added a 2950X and 2TB 970 Evo
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    Phanteks Dual 1200w Power Supply

    Both 1TB SSD's sold!
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    Phanteks Dual 1200w Power Supply

    I have a boatload of stuff for sale. Most of it has minimal use. Phanteks Revolt 1200W Dual Power Supply (Brand new no box) Has all cables (in bag) $175 Shipped **SOLD** WD Black 512GB NVME SSD...
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    WTB: 1050ti Low Profile 4gb

    I have a Gigabyte up for sale. Has only a handful of hours of use. This one to be exact. $125 Net to me shipped would work. Thanks
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    WTB: i7-7820x

    I have one for sale. Processor was installed in a backup system that was not used much. I pulled the system apart today and plated around with the system for about an hour before disassembly, Processor was running at 1.150v at 4.6Ghz stable and temps where under 70c with a 360mm Loop.
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    Samsung - CF791 Series 34" impressions

    I had both the Sammy and Asus side by side on my desk and wound up keeping the Asus. The Sammy looks like a 32" compared to the Asus as the curve makes the screen look smaller. At the time both cost me $999 it was a hard choice but I chose to live with a little BLB but have G-Sync.
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    LG 38UC99 - 37.5'' 3840x1600 75Hz IPS FreeSync

    I guess that's no big deal but you will get frame skipping unless you turn the backlight strobe on in games.
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    Samsung C34F791 and Asus PG348q side by side.

    Yup no problem but mine is not overclock friendly. I got 102hz after that the screen segmented.