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    Truck Owners Are Blocking Tesla Superchargers in "ICE-ing" Protests

    LOL. You're funny. As you argue this point, did it occur to you that the electricity for the computer, mobile devices, website, internet, and everything else used by everyone on the planet is likely more usage than the smattering of EV out there? With your logic, I hope to fuck you live in...
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    Truck Owners Are Blocking Tesla Superchargers in "ICE-ing" Protests

    So instead of embracing what is clearly the way forward from an energy perspective, you'd rather dig in and hold us back? Because they'd never develop an electric based truck, right?
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    Microsoft to Kill Off OneNote’s Desktop App

    I've used both on W10 and I don't really see much difference myself. When was the last time you used it?
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    Tesla Autopilot Nearly Recreates Fatal Crash

    You know what system of transportation has great autopilot? MASS TRANSIT. We need more light rails and other similar options. Or sure, continue to figure out how to pack an ever growing population into one car each and have roads/infrastructure to support it.
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    Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Pedestrian

    Live in the PHX area and can tell you Tempe is probably a tough challenge for ANY driver, automated or human. There are a ton of ASU kids who walk and ride around that area, and I can assure you not all of them know or follow the rules. Add to that the fact they get drunk in the same area and...
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    Rhode Island State Representative Wants to Tax Violent Video Games

    WEEEEEE HAAAVEEE TOOOO DOOO SOMEEETHHHINNGG!!!!!111!!!1! - politicians and other similar morons, probably. Seriously, this is simply throwing out ideas for the sake of it.
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    Patch alert: Microsoft Acknowledges Printer Bug; Forced 1709 Upgrades Continue

    Good luck buying new hardware and using Windows 7. :)
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    Youtube Bans Bump-stock Gun Mod Videos

    Everyone brings up Australia, but we have a shitload more guns, a large industry built around recreational shooting, and a few other considerations to deal with....including the Constitution. But it's easier to say Australia did it and toss shame around I guess.
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    Microsoft Claims 71% Of Windows 10 Users Are Happy With Telemetry

    I'm sure our org will bring that number down a bit when we roll ~10k systems with it OFF. :) (correction - set to 'basic')
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    Bitcoin Has Split in Two

    Hey, Microsoft is adding Linux functionality to W10, so you never know.....:D
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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Sales Hit 5 Million

    Then you are missing out.
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    Adobe Is Killing Flash in 2020

    Windows 7 also goes out of support in 2020.
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    Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Will Cut Off Devices with Older CPUs

    Maybe this will be the year of the Linux desktop after all. :D
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    NVIDIA White Paper Details Multi-Chip Module GPU Design

    From a 30,000 foot view, perhaps. However, I would fully expect a design to be tailored to the desired end result. There is likely low expectation of CF/SLI in GPU design currently - it may get used, but by and large you'll see single GPU deployments. So why waste a TON of design time, just make...