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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    oh and 3840x2160 w/ a variety of AA simultaneously
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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    finish my damn side game project and get the old diesel purring again
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    Twitter Diversity Pick Stirs Controversy

    what if im trans-race? can i qualify for affirmative action?
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    Twitter Hires Apple Exec To Be Its New Diversity Chief

    diversity sounds awesome. they should forcibly make every NBA team have 2 mentally handicapped southeast asian players. diversity. and why cant tards play non-tards in movies? discrimination. and why dont we have an "ugly" and "pretty" woman quota? we all know society treats the two...
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    Intel Launches 8 New Desktop And Mobile CPUs

    would be cool if they made one or two cores absolute beasts, then the rest just whatever. would help with games and many applications.
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    Rare Revealed: The Making of Perfect Dark

    goldeneye was crack in silicon form. people played the absolute hell out of it. perfect dark (n64) was fun, had a good atmosphere (esp. the first level), and built a pretty cool world (i liked all the high tech/espionage/cloak and tagger stuff... not so much the alien parts), but it was just...
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    The Best Video Game Women Of 2015
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    How Blizzard Turned A Costly Failure Into Overwatch

    its like blizzard is forever chasing that initial high it got during the first couple years of WoW. someone needs to send it to rehab.
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    Toshiba Cutting 7,800 Jobs

    Toshiba never made the best anything regarding TVs/monitors, ever. Ever. they had stiff competition from sony, mitsubishi, panasonic, etc. best CRT tube: sony trinitron best plasma: last gen panasonic, with 2nd place being last gen pioneer kuro best OLED: well, only LG makes em...
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    Any more Fury X2 news?

    people with a serious itch to upgrade i guess. with current games, a ~$200 card does 1080p very well and a ~$600 card does not do 4k very well. you can do 1080p cheaply and easily these days. so for 4k, you use 2x ~$600 GPUs in SLI/CFX or on a single PCB? no thanks. you dont get 2x the...
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    GeForce Game Ready Driver 361.43 WHQL

    yeah, im running a fairly heavy OC for a gtx770, and fallout4 is the only game to give me trouble. i'd get driver restarts too. lowered everything a smidge and it's been fine since. gonna try upping the mV one notch though with the old, higher settings.
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    Winamp Has New Owner, May Relaunch Again

    never went back to winamp after foobar.
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    Gamers Are Redefining What a Saturday Night Out Is About

    i dont tend to like people who call themselves "gamers", so id probably get in a fight after insulting portal or hl2 or anything else. or id be the one starting the fight if i had to hear "youre a gentleman and a scholar" more than once in one night. aint goin' to no pinky-out neckbeard...
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    Ken Levine's Take On System Shock 3

    ss2 was and still is supreme. bioshock was a dumbed down ss2, but the atmosphere is superb and the fps mechanics were pretty decent for the time. bioshock 2 was just a half assed cash grab. infinite didnt have anywhere near the atmosphere of bioshock 1, and the fps mechanics felt stale...